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Apprenticeships and traineeships

Over 40 per cent of all apprenticeships in Western Australia are completed with South Metropolitan TAFE. Our goal is to assist employers to meet their business objectives by providing contemporary, quality training to employees through the course of an apprenticeship.

Having an apprentice can be a rewarding experience for employer and employee alike. Employers taking on apprentices are generally entitled to Government incentives through the duration of the apprenticeship.

South Metropolitan TAFE is continually improving its training delivery methodologies and can offer flexible training options reducing the time your apprentice spends away from the workplace. We recognise that an apprentice acquires much of their knowledge and skills in the workplace, which does not necessarily need to be replicated in institutional training.

South Metropolitan TAFE lecturers are experts in their vocation, have strong links to industry and have a passion for sharing their skills and knowledge with apprentices. Training with South Metropolitan TAFE ensures apprentices are educated by industry professionals and upon graduation will be a valuable asset to any employer.

Apprenticeships are now based on competency rather than time served. As such it is possible to complete apprenticeships earlier than initially anticipated.


Further information

More information about apprenticeships and traineeships can be found in our corporate capability brochure.

If you are looking to become an apprentice or trainee, visit our Apprenticeship and Traineeship courses page. 

Businesses seeking an apprentice should contact us on 1800 001 001 or email info@smtafe.wa.edu.au, as we may be able to put you in touch with a work ready student who has completed a pre-apprenticeship in the relevant trade.


Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers are also valuable source for detailed information. They provide administration services and support to employers, apprentices and trainees, as well as assisting with the signing of training contracts. They also assess, approve and process the payment of Australian Government incentives to eligible employers, and personal benefits to eligible apprentices and trainees, specifically to assist in the early years of an apprenticeship of traineeship when wages are at their lowest.

To contact an AASN click on one of the links below or phone the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DWTD) Apprenticeship Office on 13 38 73.

AASN Providers

•    AMA Services  
•    Apprenticeship Support Australia (CCIWA)  
•    Busy at Work  
•    MEGT  

Page last updated September 26, 2018