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Secondary Students (still at school)

Secondary students (still at school)
If you’re still in high school the TAFE options for you include:

  • VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VET DSS), where you attend TAFE weekly while still studying at high school.
  • Leaving high school to study your English and maths equivalent for further study.
  • Leaving high school with your WACE and entering into a VET study pathway.


Want to leave school to study at TAFE?
If you're looking for courses to help you to continue studying, or would like to bolster your English or numeracy skills for work, visit our Foundation Skills, Access and English form page to see a list of courses that may help you bridge the gap between school and work or post-school education.

If you have the English and mathematics required, you can go straight into a VET study pathway as soon as you are no longer enrolled in your high school. Explore our courses now.

If you are leaving before you turn 18 years of age, you will need to register your parent/guardian’s contact details with us, so that we can provide the necessary duty of care to you. 

Plan your next step with a Jobs and Skills Centre advisor. They can help you match your interests and current skills to future jobs and growing industries. Ask about apprenticeship or traineeships, or for course application and job-seeking advice.