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Unique Student Identifier (USI)

All students are required to have a USI. You will need it to enrol (or re-enrol) with us.

It's easy.... follow these 6 simple steps

STEP 1: Have at least one form of ID ready: Driver's License, Australian Passport, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate, Visa (with non-Australian Passport), Immigration Card or Citizenship Certificate.

STEP 2: Have your personal contact details ready: Address, email and/or phone number.

STEP 3: Visit and click on 'Create a USI'.

STEP 4: Agree to the terms and conditions and follow the steps.

STEP 5: Write your unique number down and keep it somewhere handy and safe.

STEP 6: Bring this number with you when you enrol. 

For more information call 1800 001 001 or email in a new tab) .

Do you wish to apply for credit for past study?

The easiest way for a training organisation to assess your training for entry to study or credit for your study is to provide access to your VET transcript.

To setup your VET transcript, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your USI account via the USI Student Portal(opens in a new tab)
  • Select View VET transcript
  • Read and acknowledge the Transcript Disclaimer
  • On the VET transcript details screen, use the check boxes on the left to select all training records (for a full transcript) or specific training records (transcript extract)
  • Respond Yes to 'Do you want to create a viewable VET transcript?'
  • Set a time limit for the VET transcript to be viewable online by selecting a date or period (between one week to six months). You can change the time limit or cancel the viewable VET transcript at any time before the expiry date
  • Download the VET transcript containing the selected training data (PDF format).

To give access to us or another training organisation, The full or extract VET transcript will include both a clickable link and QR code, which you can provide to us to access the verified online training record.

For more information, visit the VET transcripts page of the Unique Student Identifier website(opens in a new tab) .