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Office 365

All you need to organise your study life is in Office 365 – it’s built to be a place you can store your work and share with staff and colleagues when you need to.  It’s also really important to log in regularly to check your timetable, read important announcements and official correspondence from us. 

How to access Office 365

To access online tools, you'll need to reset your password on your new TAFE login. This ensures your account is provisioned adequately with all your tools ready to go. To reset your password, use the instructions emailed to you or find instructions on our website and go first to Office365.

You’ll need to update your password with us every 90 days so it’s a good idea to use a reliable phone or backup email address as verification contacts on your Office 365 account. This will also provide you with an easy way to reset your own password without needing to access SM TAFE support.

If you withdraw from all your units, your account will be shut within 24 to 48 hours. We recommend saving your files before withdrawal.

More information about Office 365

If you're having trouble logging in, visit the Student Portal page.

If you're having trouble viewing a timetable, visit our Timetables and Orientation page.

For help and support with Office 365, visit in a new tab) .

Office 365 tools

Send, receive and manage your TAFE email. This is the email address we use to send key enrolment information and reminders. You can also create folders and archive past study correspondence. 

We highly recommend forwarding your emails to your private email address so you never miss out on key information from us.

Upload your files to the cloud. You can synchronize your files across all of your devices and TAFE computers to pick up where you left off editing or share them wherever you are.

Process and format your documentation using full word processing features, great for assignments, reports and correspondence.

Process your data, use formulas and charts with full spreadsheet editing features. Handle all your research data professionally.

Create animated presentations and speech notes. Handy for when you may need to present to your class or lecturers.

Organise class materials and collaborate with students and colleagues. Upload text, tables, pictures or drawings to save your in-class learning to the cloud.

Create newsletters, magazines and other professional style promotional flyers for those students who have a communications skills requirements.

This is where your timetable is hosted. Click through to the date of your choice to see your classes, workshops and lectures. You can add to the calendar by creating meetings and events and plotting study sessions in your calendar.