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Under 18 students

We provide contemporary real-world training in an adult learning environment that is very different from secondary school. We  also provide a safe learning environment and a range of support services should you need them. It is important for you and your parent or guardian to be aware of the differences between school and TAFE when you are considering your decision to study with us. Students attending South Metropolitan TAFE campuses are expected to behave in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct (184 KB) (PDF document - opens in a new tab) .

Information for parents and students under 18 years of age (317 KB) (PDF document)

At South Metropolitan TAFE the focus is on developing skills to the standard required in the workplace.  Course work may include lectures, tutorials, assessments, online learning, industry placement, work experience and research amongst others. Learning activities may include working and communicating with adult students outside of scheduled timetabled hours.

Course hours include a wide range of delivery and assessment activities and may not always be used for classroom teaching.  Classes and activities are scheduled for a specific timeframe, however and lecturers will confirm arrangements as appropriate. Please ask if you are unsure.

You will be responsible for your own learning and expected to manage your workload appropriately. You will also be expected to seek assistance from lecturers and Student Support Services if necessary. Expect to be in classes with students aged over 18 years and to work on projects with adult students. 

Please note that South Metropolitan TAFE does not provide direct supervision of students under 18 years of age (minors) outside of classroom lectures.

The Duty of Care team track the absences of all minors excluding Apprentices and Trainees. Information is shared with the Department of Training and Workforce Development who send daily absentee texts to parents and guardians when you are marked absent from class. 

Should we note a pattern of absenteeism or disengagement developing, we will  follow up with you and your parent or guardian and may advise the Department of Education’s Participation unit if your attendance continues to be problematic.

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and responsible environment, it is a condition of your enrolment that parental consent and health care information is provided at enrolment. This information is valid for current enrolments only. Each new course enrolment will require the completion of additional parental consent and health care information. 

The purpose of the parental consent and health care information is to provide South Metropolitan TAFE with formal verification that parent/guardian and emergency contact information is correct. We also request information about any medical condition, health condition or disability that we should be aware of.  Information is treated confidentially and shared with Student Support Services who will follow up with your parent or guardian to check if you may need reasonable adjustment and a study support plan.

While you may enter parental consent and health care information on the webform it is very important that your parent or guardian confirms that this information is correct and indicates their consent by checking the acknowledgement boxes provided. As a minor student you are not permitted to check the acknowledgement boxes. 

Please note that once parental consent and health care information is received your parent or guardian will not be required to complete the Department of Education’s "Notice of Arrangements" form.

South Metropolitan TAFE courses are scheduled differently from secondary school classes, so there may be lengthy breaks between classes, days when no classes are scheduled and varying class times. You are expected to manage the unscheduled time in a way that optimises your learning experience.

At course commencement, you will receive a timetable outlining your scheduled classes and activities. You along with your parent or guardian are strongly advised to familiarise yourselves with your timetable  so that time between classes can be effectively utilised.

In the event classes are cancelled staff will endeavour to inform you prior to attendance; however, this isn't always possible. In the event classes are cancelled South Metropolitan TAFE does not provide alternative study options.

If a daytime (between 8am and 5.30pm) class finishes prior to the scheduled time, you will be released from class and will not be supervised.  

If a class scheduled to finish after 5.30pm finishes prior to the scheduled time you will remain under the supervision of the lecturer until the scheduled class finish time. 

Parents/responsible adults have a responsibility to collect students promptly from classes scheduled to finish after 5.30pm as a courtesy to lecturing staff. Alternatively, parents/responsible adults need to confirm that students are permitted to make their own way home after class.

Visit our Student Support(opens in a new tab) page for advice about academic and study skills support available to students at SM TAFE.

Some of our courses are delivered across more than one campus or may involve a work-placement. In such instances, your parent or guardian will be responsible for all your travel arrangements.

Your parent or guardian will be provided with information on excursions prior to the event and written consent will be sought by the training area for you to participate. If consent is not given, you will not be able to attend the excursion and South Metropolitan TAFE will not provide an alternative supervised activity. 

At South Metropolitan TAFE, we strive to provide an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of all our students by:

  • Promoting a friendly and inclusive environment where bullying and any form of harassment are not accepted. If you experience bullying or harassment of any kind  or you feel unsafe on campus you should inform a South Metropolitan TAFE staff member immediately so that the matter can be investigated.
  • Following the relevant OSH policy and guidelines
  • Providing first-aid assistance if necessary
  • Aiding and if necessary, arranging for qualified medical personnel in case of an emergency
  • Ensuring all relevant staff have a Working with Children Check subject to the Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004
  • Implementing the Emergency Response Plan in case of an emergency 
  • Ensuring the nominated emergency contact person is contacted if you are seriously injured.

Students are not covered for Personal Accident whilst on campus however, South Metropolitan TAFE does hold cover with the Insurance Commission of WA (Risk Cover). This cover provides Personal Accident cover for students who are undertaking unpaid work experience that is allocated or arranged by South Metropolitan TAFE. 

Personal Accident cover is also extended to those students attending all official excursions or other similar activities which are approved and organised by South Metropolitan TAFE. Responsibility lies with your parent or guardian as to whether they arrange their own Personal Accident insurance or private health cover if they believe the current cover is inadequate.

In certain circumstances a minor may wish to apply for Independent Minor Status. If you are interested, please be aware that a formal application process needs to be followed to determine eligibility. This process includes an interview to assess your emotional and psychological maturity, a frank discussion about the reason for the application and an assessment of any significant stressors or challenges that you may be experiencing at the time of the application. Proof of a fixed home address and financial independence are also required at the time of application. The process is thorough to minimise risk and ensure that the final decision will be in your best interests as a minor student.

An application for Independent Minor Status can only be made once you are enrolled.

You also need to be aware  that Centrelink have a process and documentation whereby a person may be deemed “Independent”. The Centrelink process refers to financial independence only and is different to South Metropolitan TAFE’s Independent Minor application process. If you have been declared an independent minor by Centrelink this evidence should be submitted as part of the application process. Our assessment is designed to ascertain to whether you are responsible enough to attend class regularly, participate actively and seek support if it becomes necessary.

All fees are expected to be paid in full at enrolment OR via a deposit and set payment plan. Note that only your parent, guardian or nominated responsible adult can sign the payment plan.

We will only share information regarding your enrolment, attendance, progress with your parent or guardian and the Department of Education, if required. 

We welcome feedback at any time including compliments, complaints and suggestions. This can be provided by students or parents and guardians and can be anonymous if desired. You can submit feedback via our Feedback page(opens in a new tab) .

Contact details 

If you or your parent or responsible adult have any questions or concerns about the above information please contact Duty of Care on 9229 8447 or via email