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Where will your skills take you? It’s time to find out... 

Our aim is to help you get to where you want to be in the future. That may be securing your dream job, going on to further study or upgrading your skills to advance your career. Whatever it is, we can provide the skills and knowledge needed to achieve these goals.

Begin your journey by choosing the study type to suit you.

Study pathways

Whether your goal is changing jobs or choosing further study to reach a dream job, our study pathways focus on each industry, showing you the courses to get you the skills you need.

Visit the study pathways page to access our helpful study pathway guides, identifying every course we deliver and presenting opportunities to go further with your study.

Or, explore our courses, and look for the “Study pathway” and “Job opportunities” tabs for information about your future career.

Key dates

Want to know about our term dates? Application and enrolment dates? Or when our campuses are closed for public holidays?   

For application and key study dates visit our key dates page.

University pathways

When you complete a vocational diploma or advanced diploma, pathways are available for you to continue your study at university.

Our strong relationships with local universities provide students with a seamless pathway towards higher qualifications.

Visit our university pathways page to begin exploring the courses at university that TAFE could lead you to.