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Fees and payment options

​In order to be considered as an enrolled student and access all South Metropolitan TAFE student facilities, you must pay your fees in full or enter into a fee payment arrangement at the time of enrolment. Your enrolment may be cancelled if you do not finalise your fees as soon as possible.

Fees are paid by the semester and must be paid at the time of enrolling, unless you qualify for a fee instalment plan or a VET Student Loan. 

What will the fees be?

Fees are made up of tuition and resource fees and they will vary according to the type of course you are studying and on electives chosen. A list of courses available at SM TAFE for 2020 along with the indicative fees is provided below. These are estimated 2020 tuition and resources fees for the average course. Other charges may apply.

To complete your enrolment with us you will be required to accept our Enrolment Terms and Conditions where you will agree to pay your fees using one of our payment options.

Tuition Fees​​​

Tuition fees are fees that have been set by the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Training and Workforce Developm​ent.

In 2020 Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses will have an annual tuition fee cap per course of $7,860 per year.  There is no fee cap available for Certificate l – IV qualifications.

In addition, students of secondary school age* have an annual cap of $420 on their tuition fees once they have enrolled in a full-time course (some resource fees may apply).

*in 2020, these are students born between 1 July 2002 and 30 June 2005, who are at least 15 years old and who undertake training that is not part of a VET in Schools program.

Tuition fees are changed every year by the state government, published in December for the next year. Indicative fees displayed before this time are based on the current year fees.

State priority training courses

Jobs & Skills is a State Government initiative that invests in training that equips people to take up jobs that are, or will be, in high demand in Western Australia.

Priority Skills provides a guaranteed, subsidised training place for eligible students enrolled in courses that are deemed State priority qualifications, where a training place is available.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a priority for the State Government, as are foundation skills. Other priority training areas are identified on the State’s priority industry qualifications list.

Where a job aligns to a priority industry qualification that is no longer in highest demand, the qualification is labelled transitional. Students enrolled in a transitional priority industry qualification in 2019 are advised that the course may be reclassified as a general industry training course in 2020. Where this occurs, any units commenced in 2019 will attract the higher course fee rate that applies to general industry training courses.

Lower fees, local skills

An initiative of the state government was launched on 14 October 2019 with lower fees for selected courses in priority industry areas. From 1 January 2020 through to 31 December 2021 selected courses are now eligible for half tuition fee reductions, or for 15-24 year old students or concession cardholders, capped at $400 for the course. Resource fees are payable.

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Resource fees

Resource Fees cover materials purchased by South Metropolitan TAFE to be consumed or transformed by students in the course of instruction. The resource fee also covers internet charges and other services utilised by students during their course. Any equipment that will be retained as your own personal property must be purchased separately. 

Both tuition (course) and resource fees are required to be paid at time of enrolment. Resources will begin being created for you from the time of enrolment, not when you first attend class.


A Concession rate is available for students enrolled in certificate I, II, III and IV courses only. If you are eligible for a concession you will pay 30% of the tuition fees. No concession is given for the resource fees.

Minors in the secondary school age who undertake training that is not part of a VET Delivered to Secondary Schools program are also eligible for a concession of their fees. However, the tuition fees for these students are capped at $420 per student.

Students are entitled to the Concession Rate on tuition fees if they are a person or dependent of a person holding any of the following:

  • A current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card;

  • A current Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs;

  • For 2020, persons aged 15 to 17 years (born between 1 July 2002 and 31 December 2005, who are at least 15 years old and who undertake training that is not part of a VET Delivered to Secondary Schools program).

To claim the Concessional Rate you must provide valid proof of your concession at the time of enrolment otherwise you will be charged the full cost.

To find out what the concessional rate is for a course, see the indicative fees in our 2019 fee list on the purple button above, then call 1800 001 001 or email for a more definitive fee for your study.

Fees for students living in other Australian states and Territories

Applicants residing in Australian states and territories other than Western Australia will have their enrolments referred to TAFE International WA for processing and should note that if offered a place of study, fees will be higher as they are not subsidised by the WA State Government. Prospective (interstate) students are encouraged to enrol at their local providers where possible.

Other fees

In addition to tuition and resource fees, the following fees may apply when you enrol at South Metropolitan TAFE.

Discretionary fee 

Campus students will need to pay a $20 discretionary annual fee to cover items like security and other onsite facilities. This fee is automatically charged when a student is enrolled. This fee is not refundable for campus students once enrolled because this fee covers the cost of services that have been put into place based on the student’s enrolment commitment. 

Students who study offsite, for example via self paced or online study modes, are not required to pay a discretionary fee. 

Incidental fee 

Incidental fees are additional to student contributions or tuition fees and are for goods or services that are related to studies. Incidental items are to be purchased separately by students through a third party.

RPL fee 

A $100 fee applies for pre-assessment interview. This fee is not refundable if the student withdraws from the process once the pre-assessment process has commenced.  Full payment of fees are expected from an RPL enrolment. Payment plans are not available for RPL enrolments. 

Replacement white cards 

A $35 fee applies for the issuance of replacement white cards.   

Replacement awards and academic results 

The following fees are applicable if students require re-prints of the following college documents from the Academic Records Centre: 

  • Replacement statement of attainment: $20 
  • Replacement record of results: $20 
  • Replacement award or certificate (including record of results): $50                                                     


Other fees may be charged e.g. excursion fees which includes cost of entry fee, charges for equipment and activities and transport costs  for special events where attendance may not be compulsory. 

Payment options

There are a number of options detailed below to assist you with funding your studies at South Metropolitan TAFE.

An enrolment at South Metropolitan TAFE​ is not complete until your fees and charges are paid, deferred payment arrangements have been made or fees and charges have been waived.

All students including apprentices and trainees are legally liable to pay fees. Students must not have an outstanding debt at South Metropolitan TAFE before enrolling into a course.

On enrolment, you will take up one of the following payment options:

a) pay the full amount of fees and charges;

b) present a signed authority from an employer to invoice that employer for the student’s fees and charges;

c) pay fees by instalments;

d) the acceptance by SM TAFE of the student’s intent to defer payment and their eligibility to do so under the Commonwealth Government’s VET Student Loans program;

e) pay part of the full amount of fees and charges and defer payment of the other part under the Commonwealth Government’s VET Student Loans program; or

f) make application on the grounds of severe financial hardship for fees and charges to be waived.​


Students who fail to take up one of the above options will not be enrolled. 


Paying in full up front​​​

We recommend payments over the phone to avoid coming to campus to finalise your enrolment. Phone enrolments can accept credit card payments in full using MasterCard or Visa.

Payment in full can also be made in person on campus using EFTPOS, cash, bank transfer or cheque at the Customer Services counters.

Paying by instalment with first payment​​​

Instalment plans are available to students enrolling in certificate I, II, III, IV and diploma courses.

A minimum first payment of $100 or more of your semester course will be required with the balance payable over 8 fortnightly payments and for general education courses, the minimum is $20.

Students must complete their enrolment and instalment agreement using our online payment plan form.    

Minors can only set up an instalment plan with a legal guardian or parent co-signing the agreement.

Apprentices and trainees​​​

If you are a registered apprentice and trainee and your employer is not paying your fees then you can either pay your fees in full or enter into a Fees Payment Agreement for apprentices with a $100 first payment.​​​​

For all other certificate students, there are a number of options for managing your payment, with the majority of students paying in full upfront during enrolment.​ For more information, visit our Apprenticeships and Traineeships page.

Student loans

Eligible students of Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications can opt to defer the payment of all or part of their fees by applying for a Commonwealth VET Student Loan. 

Under this schemes you take out a loan from the Commonwealth to pay for your current enrolment. You will start repaying the loan through the taxation system when your income exceeds a set level.

Find out all the information you need to know about Student Loans.

Withdrawals and refunds
Know ahead of time what your rights are in case you change your mind or need to withdraw from a course. For more information visit our Withdrawals and Refunds page.


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