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Current students

Starting study can feel like a minefield of information. We've gathered the best of all the key information here for you to start your study journey at SM TAFE.


The first class of term is an important date to keep! Plan your attendance at campus by accessing your timetable. See the full instructions.


Qualifications and skill sets

For most courses, you should check your timetable for your first class. You will receive all the information you need at that first class including an orientation to your course. It's then you can talk to your lecturer about how to access online portals, the items you need to bring to class, what is expected of your study in the course, and how to access the support you need. At almost all classes, enclosed footwear is a requirement.

For the courses or training areas listed below, you should be aware of additional requirements ahead of time:

Please note: this information is not expected to replace the instructions in your letter of offer. It is a guide to assist students in planning for their study. You may also receive additional instructions from your lecturer on your first day regarding text books, equipment, stationery and computer access.

  • Aeroskills - you will need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to work in the workshop. This includes a hi vis shirt, work trousers and safety shoes
  • Automotive and automotive engineering - you will need steel cap boots, overalls or work trousers and safety glasses (some courses require long sleeve shirts and pants to cover boots)
  • Beauty - you will need to purchase an SM TAFE uniform tunic for wearing during clinic times, and you will need to wear black pants and closed in shoes
  • Building and construction trades - you will need steel cap boots, safety glasses are also required for some courses
  • Cabin crew – you will need to be fitted for your uniform at enrolment. You will be expected to wear your uniform from the first class as it is a safety requirement in the hangar
  • Companion animals and animal studies - you will need to wear a sleeved shirt that covers your shoulders, long pants and non-slip, enclosed shoes
  • Data and voice and electrotechnology - you will need steel cap boots
  • Early childhood and education support - you will need to purchase a text book as an e-book or in print prior to starting class
  • Electrical, technical engineering, civil construction and process plant operations - you will need closed shoes and full length pants and shirt
  • Fabrication engineering - you will need steel cap boots, overalls or work trousers (cotton drill) and safety glasses (some courses require long sleeve shirts and pants to cover boots)
  • Health services (acute care) - you will need a navy blue scrub top and pants and closed in shoes
  • Hospitality, patisserie and cookery – you will be allotted to a roster for the Bentley Pines Training Restaurant, where you will serve the public and build your practical skills. Expect to wear your uniform at each rostered on class. Uniform information will be provided at enrolment.
  • Kitchen operations - you will need a full chef’s uniform, safety boots and knife kit with further information provided at enrolment
  • Laboratory operations - you will need a lab coat
  • Landscaping, conservation and land management, horticulture - you will need safety glasses and boots, sun protective hat, work shirt, trousers, sunscreen and hearing protection
  • Nursing - uniform fittings provided by SM TAFE will assist you to arrange the necessary uniforms
  • Painting and decorating - closed in shoes and white shorts or pants
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning - you will need steel cap boots, collared and long sleeved shirt and trousers (cotton drill) and safety glasses
  • Remedial massage and fitness - you will need an SM TAFE uniform shirt
  • Vet nursing - you will need scrubs for clinic practice, these can be ordered at orientation

Short courses

When you enrol, you will be advised of what to bring and when and where to start your study.


    For apprentices beginning study, you may need equipment, PPE, tools, licences, standards, stationery and more to start your skill building in our workshops. Find out what to bring for your course.

    Smart Travel to campus

    Leave your car at home! Take a train, bus, bike or walk to campus. Find out how you can travel smart to campus.

    Online services

    Student Portal

    Access your study plan, enrolment paperwork and results anywhere you go or use Student Portal as your place to jump to Office 365 and Blackboard.

    Office 365

    Access your student email, timetable, word and excel online, share and store files, plus much more.

    Library Guides

    The best place to begin your research and learn how to reference your assignments, specific to your course.


    Some courses will make study content and news available online using Blackboard.


    Get all the latest key notices from SM TAFE - we'll let you know when it's time to enrol, or when there's a great benefit available as a student.

    Events at SM TAFE

    Get amongst the TAFE life. From time to time we invite all students to join in with us in celebrating what makes it great to study at TAFE.

    Forms, policies and fact sheets

    Your one-stop-shop for your enrolment terms and conditions, by-laws and code of conduct, IT responsibilities and forms for managing your enrolment.

    Have your say

    We ask for your feedback regularly, but we also make change where we can. Find out how your feedback is used by us in improving services for TAFE students.

    Managing your enrolment

    Advancing and progressing

    Ready to enrol in your next semester of units? Or graduating and ready to take the next step in your study pathway? Find out what you need to do.

    Student loans

    Eligible students in eligible diplomas can apply to use a Commonwealth funded loan to pay for their course fees. Find out how to apply and if you're eligible.

    Withdrawals and refunds

    We don't ever want to see you go, but if your life circumstances change, find out what you need to do to withdraw from your course.

    Student support services

    Disability support

    Permanent or temporary, we have a range of services to help students needing assistance with study.

    Aboriginal student support

    We have services suited to Aboriginal students to help keep you reaching your career goals. Find out about cultural spaces, support and more.

    Higher education resources

    For graduate certificate or associate degree students, get access to forms, information and templates for study.

    International student support

    We have a supportive environment for International students including managing your enrolment, study advice, mentoring and excursions. Find out more.

    Career planning

    Our Jobs and Skills Centres feature Student Prospect Advisors, a fancy way of saying 'career planners'. Make a free appointment now!

    Key dates

    Managing your study well means keeping up with dates for application, enrolment, term start and finish. See all the important dates.

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