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PMA30120 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations

PMA30120 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations

National ID PMA30120 State ID BGB2
Unlock advanced skills

Delve into integrated plant unit operations, applying knowledge to foresee and address challenges. Customisable to meet company needs, this qualification is ideal for those running specific process plant areas.

Elevate your career in chemical, hydrocarbons, or refining sectors with a qualification aligned to industry demands.

Process Plant Operations

This qualification is directly aligned with priority industry areas where the jobs are today, and into the future. As part of the state government Lower fees, local skills initiative, from 1 January 2020 through to 31 December 2025 you'll only pay half the course fees, capped for each year at $1,200; or $400 (plus resource fee) if you're aged 15—24 or eligible for a concession. Find out more


When Continuous enrolment.

Study Mode Traineeship.

Our Certificate III in Process Plant Operations is a technical qualification for advanced operators and operations technicians who use production equipment to directly produce product. At this level, operators/ technicians will undertake more advanced operations, typically of integrated plant units in accordance with the operating procedures, and would apply their knowledge to anticipate problems. This qualification is customisable based on your company requirements and is typically used to develop employees performing a process plant operator’s role that includes the running of specific areas of a process plant. 

There are a number of delivery options to complete this qualification:

  • Through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) only; this program is suited to existing workers in the chemical, hydrocarbons or refining sectors, or similar industries. Completion will require third party verification and submission of workplace evidence.
  • Traineeship consisting of specific units of competency chosen by your employer. This program will include two weekly, twice a year on-campus (ACEPT Munster) block release with all assignments completed in the workplace. To study as a trainee, you must be employed in a training contract by an appropriate organisation. 


  • fine chemicals
  • heavy chemicals
  • petrochemicals
  • hydrocarbon extraction
  • hydrocarbon transmission
  • hydrocarbon processing/refining
  • minerals processing/refining
  • metalliferous processing/refining
  • metals smelting/processing

Important information

Select your preferred campus and apply

All year round


When All year round
How Traineeship


National ID Unit title
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSMSUP100 Apply workplace context to own job
MSMSUP102 Communicate in the workplace
MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures
MSMWHS200 Work safely


Select SIXTEEN (16) units from this list

National ID Unit title
MSL952001 Collect routine site samples
MSL973013 Perform basic tests
MSMOPS100 Use equipment
MSMOPS200 Operate equipment
MSMOPS212 Use organisation computers or data systems
MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit
MSMSUP106 Work in a team
MSMSUP200 Achieve work outcomes
MSMSUP210 Process and record information
MSMSUP240 Undertake minor maintenance
MSMWHS100 Follow WHS procedures
MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis
MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus
MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres
PMAOPS101 Read dials and indicators
PMAOPS201 Operate fluid flow equipment
PMAOPS204 Select and use utilities and services
PMAOPS205 Operate heat exchangers
PMAOPS216 Operate local control system
PMAOPS221 Operate and monitor prime movers
PMAOPS223 Operate and monitor valve systems
PMAOPS236 Monitor continuous process plant
PMAOPS246 Operate separation equipment
PMAOPS280 Interpret process plant schematics
PMAOPS306 Operate and troubleshoot production unit
PMAOPS310 Operate and troubleshoot distillation system
PMAOPS314 Operate and troubleshoot compressor systems
PMAOPS315 Operate and troubleshoot process control systems
PMAOPS317 Undertake ship transfer operations
PMAOPS331 Operate and troubleshoot gas turbine system
PMAOPS334 Operate and troubleshoot gas absorption system
PMAOPS336 Operate and troubleshoot fixed-bed adsorption system
PMAOPS341 Operate and troubleshoot cryogenic processes
PMAOPS342 Conduct pipeline pigging
PMAOPS344 Operate and troubleshoot flare systems
PMASUP244 Prepare and isolate plant
PMAWHS213 Undertake fire control and emergency rescue
RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control
RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spaces

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