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Apprenticeships and traineeships

To become an apprentice or trainee, you need to be employed and registered as an apprentice or trainee with a contracted study plan in place. 

Our Jobs and Skills Centres team is available to assist you become apprenticeship or traineeship ready.

Call, book an appointment or drop in.

Visit your local JSC or book an appointment by phoning 13 64 64 or email one of our centres:

Becoming an apprentice or trainee

You need to find an employer willing to register you as a trainee or apprentice with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (ASSN) provider and formulate a training plan with you.

We realise this can be a daunting task, so we’ve created a series of articles with the best methods for finding employers.

Method 1: Study that leads to work opportunities

Method 2: Enlist the help of professionals

Method 3: Work your way to the top

Method 4: Researching and building relationships

Next steps to becoming an apprentice or trainee

Once you have an employer registered with an AASN, the next step is to formulate your training plan. It will become a contract between you and your employer for the duration of your apprenticeship or traineeship and it lists the units of competency you will study.

Once signed by you, your employer and us as the registered training organisation, the training plan is used to enrol you into your study plan units. You or your employer will need to arrange payment of your fees to be considered enrolled. Students are responsible for their own fees, however in some instances, employers may choose to pay these fees on your behalf. If you are an employer interested in paying on behalf of an apprentice of trainee, visit the employers page to find forms and instructions.

When you are enrolled, you will then be advised when to attend classes. To find out more about the call up process, visit the Info for apprentices and trainees page.

Our Jobs and Skills Centres are available to provide support and advice as you go through the process. These centres can also connect you with AASNs and other job networks.