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Advanced Mathematics and Engineering Calculus skill set

Advanced Mathematics and Engineering Calculus skill set

State ID GAB95
Develop analytical problem-solving abilities

Immerse yourself in advanced mathematics tailored for engineering with this skill set and develop analytical problem-solving abilities to carry out engineering design and operations. 

Gain a systematic understanding of advanced engineering mathematics and numerical methods to creatively tackle engineering challenges. Ideal for those pursuing higher engineering qualifications, this is a unique opportunity to elevate your expertise in the realm of engineering mathematics and numerical methods.

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This skill set is part of the Skills Ready program. Other skill sets can be found on our courses page, using the Refine course results>Study mode filters.

Study Mode On Campus.

Get a handle on advanced mathematics for engineering.

The skill set will offer you a unique opportunity to systematically grasp advanced engineering mathematics and numerical methods techniques to innovatively solve engineering tasks.

You will develop analytical problem-solving abilities to carry out engineering design and operations or maintenance activities. It is ideal for those pursuing higher engineering qualifications and careers at para-professional level.

Workers in industry have options available for flexible study. Explore the mechanical diploma and advanced diploma study pathway options.


  • develop your underpinning core mathematical skills and essential knowledge in technical mathematics/advanced engineering mathematics
  • gain advanced engineering abilities to become a qualified engineer
  • enhance subsequent education choices to transition into a university engineering qualification and career choices
  • develop your analytical problem-solving skills
  • identify the key parameters and their effect on system behaviour by solving ordinary differential equations (ODEs)
  • visual and interactive job-relevant learning experience of calculus and advanced algebra using MATLAB to find analytical/numerical solutions expeditiously
  • develop the capability for applying MATLAB as an interactive mathematical analysis tool to support engineering and scientific applications
  • apply mathematical modelling using MATLAB/SIMULINK for practical and complex engineering problems
  • demonstrate practical applications of the various mathematical concepts and the associated MATLAB operations to various engineering application areas, e.g. thermodynamics; fluid mechanics; probability and statistical analysis in project management and maintenance, etc

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