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Applied Engineering Mathematics skill set

Applied Engineering Mathematics skill set

State ID GAA30
Harness the power of mathematics in engineering and physics

Master the art of using mathematics as a tool to analyse practical problems and enhance your understanding of physics. 

This course provides a solid foundation in physics tailored for engineering applications. Elevate your problem-solving skills and apply mathematical prowess to analyze and address real-world issues in the field of physics and engineering.

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This skill set is part of the Skills Ready program. Other skill sets can be found on our courses page, using the Refine course results>Study mode filters.

Study Mode On Campus.

Get a solid foundation in physics for engineering

Learn how to use mathematics as a tool to analyse practical problems. 

Workers in industry have options available for flexible study. Explore the mechanical diploma and advanced diploma study pathway options.


  • identifying common engineering materials by their principal properties 
  • select materials for specific applications
  • verify selected material as fit for purpose
  • determine stresses in simple structures and mechanical components
  • verify stress levels using appropriate reference material
  • solve engineering problems involving algebraic expressions with one independent variable
  • use trigonometry to solve practical problems
  • solve quadratic equations
  • statics, dynamics, motion and rotation  

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