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Outdoor Leadership

National ID: SIS30619
State ID: BEU9
Industry Aerospace, Maritime and Logistics

Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership

Looking to pursue a career in leading in the great outdoors? Take your career to the next level with a Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership.

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Take the plunge into leadership

Become a leader in the outdoor recreation industry. This qualification is aimed at employability in the marine tourism and outdoor recreation industry's with employment outcomes such as charter boat crew, snorkel and kayak leaders/guides, camps, expeditions, and adventure tours among many others.

During the course you will undertake the planning, risk management, finalisation and leading of multiple activities, including snorkelling, kayaking, bushwalking and navigation.

This is a fun and exciting qualification that will help you gain the knowledge and skills to take the first steps into an amazing industry.

Gain these skills:

  • manage group participation
  • operational logistics of tours
  • provide quality service
  • manage equipment including kayaks and safety gear
  • leading activities including kayaking, snorkelling, bushwalking, tour guiding and navigation
  • first aid, water rescue and Occupational Health and Safety
  • marine and ocean environment information to assist with providing tour guide information
Certificate III
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