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Current Students

Starting your study can feel like a minefield. So we've gathered the best key information and displayed it all here for you. Use the headings below to assist you with navigating your way through your study journey.

Orientation and Timetables

The first class of term is an important date to keep. Plan your attendance at campus by accessing your timetable. See full instructions.

As part of your course you may be required to attend an orientation, however, in most instances these are done in the first class of term. Please check your timetable for more information.

Online spaces

You will be granted access to a range of online spaces and resources as part of your enrolment. More information is contained in this section.




Student Portal


Managing your enrolment

See your enrolment terms and conditions, by-laws and code of conduct, IT responsibilities and forms for managing your enrolment.


Student loans

Withdrawals and refunds

Forms, policies and fact sheets

Student support services

Permanent or temporary, we have a range of services to help students needing assistance with study including:

Disability support

Aboriginal support

International student support

Career planning

Have your say

We ask for your feedback regularly and make improvements where we can. Find out how your feedback is used by us in improving services for students.

Key dates

Managing your study means keeping up with important dates and key information during your student journey at SM TAFE. Check out our key dates, events and important alerts. Get out your calendar and gather your list of dates now. 

Key dates