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MEA40718 Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical)

MEA40718 Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical)

National ID MEA40718 State ID BDW1
Unlock an exciting career! 

The Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical) is your ticket to being an aviation maintenance engineer. Specialise in helicopter or fixed-wing streams. Your globally recognised skills will be in high demand. 

Join us in the world of advanced technology!

Image of person repairing an aeroplane


When Continuous enrolment.

Study Mode Apprenticeship.

Are you looking for an in-demand career looking after the world's most advanced technology?

When you complete the Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical) you will be looking at an exciting career working on aircraft large and small as an aviation maintenance engineer. Aircraft maintenance is a key skills growth area and your qualifications are in demand worldwide.

The Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical) is an apprenticeship: you must be employed by an appropriate organisation to study. Study plans can be created to take in streams including helicopter turbine, helicopter piston turbine, turbine fixed wing, turbine fixed wing structures, piston fixed wing pressure-328, helicopter piston-327, piston fixed wing pressure-401, turbine fixed wing turbo fan and piston fixed wing unpressurised. 

Aerospace Training Centre

South Metropolitan TAFE's AeroSpace Training Centre is the largest provider in WA offering training in aircraft maintenance and aviation. Our lecturers have diverse industry backgrounds including international licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, airline transport pilots, airport managers, flight instructors, cabin crew training managers, emergency procedures instructors, RAAF maintenance supervisors, as well as military and commercial aviators and managers.

The fully equipped hangar of the AeroSpace Training Centre at Jandakot Airport has various aircraft engines, workshop stations, computer facilities, a flight simulator, and a number of aircraft including our own Boeing 737.


  • repair, overhaul, test and troubleshoot all manner of aircraft mechanical systems
  • testing of equipment and ground support equipment
  • troubleshooting faults
  • use of computers to obtain maintenance data and to complete documentation
  • interpreting wiring diagrams and system schematics
  • removal and installation of aircraft components
  • reading drawings relating to maintenance activities

Important information

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All year round


When All year round
Where Jandakot
How Apprenticeship

Indicative fees and charges 

The fees quoted are estimates only and are for all units in the course for students enrolling on a full-time basis. If you're a student that has successfully completed a lower-level qualification that is a prerequisite for this course, you'll only pay for the units that you need to enrol in to complete this course. Please view the full list of fee disclaimers. 


National ID Unit title
MEA107 Interpret and use aviation maintenance industry manuals and specifications
MEA118 Conduct self in the aviation maintenance environment
MEA154 Apply work health and safety practices in aviation maintenance
MEA155 Plan and organise aviation maintenance work activities
MEA156 Apply quality standards during aviation maintenance activities
MEA157 Complete aviation maintenance industry documentation
MEA158 Perform basic hand skills, standard trade practices and fundamentals in aviation maintenance
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
National ID Unit title
MEA301 Perform aircraft flight servicing
MEA303 Remove and install aircraft pneumatic system components
MEA304 Remove and install non-pressurised aircraft structural and non-structural components
MEA306 Remove and install engines and engine system components
MEA308 Remove and install rotary wing rotor and flight control system components
MEA309 Inspect, test and troubleshoot aircraft hydro-mechanical and landing gear systems and components
MEA316 Inspect, test and troubleshoot rotary wing rotor and control systems and components
MEA319 Inspect gas turbine engine systems and components
MEA322 Test and troubleshoot gas turbine engine systems and components
MEA328 Maintain and/or repair aircraft mechanical components or parts
MEA398 Remove and install aircraft hydro-mechanical and landing gear system components
MEASTR0001 Inspect aircraft structures
MEASTR0005 Maintain aircraft structure and components

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