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Strategic partnerships

Strong partnerships and links to industry are the backbone of SM TAFE. Intertwined in our history and ongoing strategic priorities, forming partnerships with community organisations, industry bodies, other government agencies and small, medium and large employers is what we do. These partnerships support our organisational objectives by promoting pathways for students, providing innovative training solutions and ensuring training is current and relevant. 

SM TAFE works to identify and address local and national issues

We have relationships with hundreds of organisations, highlighting our commitment to meeting community and industry needs and finding workforce and skilling solutions to support the state and national economy.   

We do this by:

  • Having a networked and forward-thinking strategic partnerships team, who leverage workforce opportunities in emerging markets.
  • Having Jobs and Skills Centres, which provide a critical link between employers, industry and the job seeking community.
  • Utilising our multiple industry advisory groups.

Our corporate capability statement highlights our proficiency and proven track record of delivering positive student outcomes and training solutions to corporate and government enterprises across the full spectrum of industry.

Corporate Capability Statement (4 MB) (PDF document - opens in a new tab)

Positioning for success

Our campuses and associated training delivery are strategically positioned to maximise the college’s ability to form partnerships and connect with local industries and facilities. Examples include:

One of our largest campuses is in the Murdoch health and knowledge precinct. We are committed to delivering training that supports our communities to develop and grow. Positioning within this precinct allows several unique opportunities, including: 

SM TAFE is a leading provider of cyber security training in Australia. Our Training Cyber Security Operations Centre (TCSOC) at the Murdoch campus offers a full suite of live training facilities for both students and commercial clients. Additionally, we have:

  • Established the first TCSOC governance model, which has now become the standard for other Australian TAFE colleges.
  • Launched the 22445VIC Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security, as one of only two TAFE’s in Australia.
  • Become the lead member of TAFECyber - a consortium of ten Australian TAFE colleges offering cyber security training and partnering with AustCyber to assist the cyber security workforce to meet the rapidly increasing demands of industry.
  • Developed a strong industry network of cyber security commercial service providers across Australia. 

We deliver training aligned to the needs of Industry 4.0 at our Munster campus, which is closely aligned to the needs of the mining, oil and gas, engineering, manufacturing and processing industries.

This campus, located in close proximity to Henderson, Naval Base and the Australian Marine Complex, has purpose-built facilities including an applied engineering prototype lab, a collaborative facility that allows students to access real time trouble shooting networks to innovate in 3D printing, CNC-milling, laser, precision milling and vinyl cutting. It also houses a purpose-built mechatronics room with circuit design and simulation software for multiple technologies as well as real-life autonomous training facilities. 

Having clearly defined mechanisms in place to identify state and national issues, we work collaboratively with our partners to create innovative solutions to meet both identified and emerging workforce requirements. We have several exciting partnerships that are driving innovation in the VET sector, promoting jobs in the state and national economy, and supporting our local communities.  

We are committed to developing partnerships and collaborations with industry, government and non-government organisations that progress our strategic priorities. Our partnerships support our vision to becoming a leader in future skills.

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