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Kaya leads the way with scholarship win

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Kaya Carson has won a study scholarship for Aboriginal students in recognition of her outstanding efforts and contribution to educating Aboriginal people.

Kaya has received a $500 study scholarship to cover her SM TAFE leadership course fees and the remaining funds will go towards additional resources for Kaya to be able to study online.

The Newmont Boddington Indigenous VET Study Scholarship was awarded to Ms Carson who completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at SM TAFE in 2021 and is about to start studying a Certificate I in Leadership online.

Ms Carson currently works as an Aboriginal Education Worker and completed the training and education certificate so she can work in a higher-grade role as a tutor and be able teach classes at her workplace’s education centre.

“It is a positive success for me and the industry I work in, as there are not many other Aboriginal tutors who teach in the same industry as me,” Ms Carson said.

“I have really enjoyed my studies so far and my training and assessment course lecturer was amazing and very supportive throughout this learning experience.”

Ms Carson said that being a mum of two children and working and studying, the financial strain in her personal life can be overwhelming.

“If it was not for the possibility of being on a payment plan or the discounts available, I would not have been able to do this course,” she said.

Ms Carson is also considering a Certificate IV in Leadership and Mentoring, saying that she has found the passion again to keep progressing in further education.

“This scholarship has given me the confidence to return to TAFE in 2022 to continue in another course and it will help me buy the resources I need to study online and further my future career.”

Ms Cason says the leadership course will not only help in her current job, but it will also be beneficial for her own business that she currently operates.

“I am currently working on a project for NAIDOC Week and in my own business I run I also do a variety of other projects around my Noongar Aboriginal culture, so I am looking forward to being able to continue working as well as gaining a qualification.”

More scholarships are available as part of the Newmont Boddington Indigenous Vocational Education and Training (VET) Pre-Apprenticeship Scholarship Pathways Program which will support up to four Gnaala Kaala Booja/Noongar pre-apprenticeship scholarships this year.

For support or tailored advice on Aboriginal training or employment visit one of SM TAFE’s Jobs and Skills Centres (JSC) or call 13 64 64.