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Be more and earn more with a gaming qualification

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

18 December 2023

You love gaming, and you know that you can turn this into a qualification that can lead to a career. However, did you know that SM TAFE has places available in 2024 that will turn that virtual dream into a reality?

South Metropolitan TAFE (SM TAFE) lecturer Ian Bell explains the rewards and benefits in making the transition from ‘play’ to ‘paid’, as a student, and as a lecturer. This can be done not only in gaming, but other areas of IT, a sector which has expanded to include screen and media and animation and visual effects.

Student ‘lightbulb’ moments are one of the most rewarding aspects of Ian’s role as a lecturer in screen, media and gaming development.

“When you walk a student through a process and watch them have that sheer moment of understanding where they extrapolate, pick it up and run with it for themselves – this is the greatest part of the learning process for me,” Ian explained.

An SM TAFE graduate himself, Ian completed the ICT40120 Certificate IV in Gaming Development, which is fee free in 2024.* He now teaches this course, which provides students with industry current skills and knowledge to support gaming development, virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR, 360) fields through the four components of coding, 3d modelling, design and animation.

As a student, he discovered a passion for guiding fellow students, which led him to undertake a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This course is also now fee free in 2024* and equips students with the skills to become a vocational trainer, assessor or lecturer with a registered training organisation in Australia.

During his SM TAFE studies, Ian was drawn to the gaming community spirit in the classroom, enriching the student learning experience. Students begin studies, often with much experience in gaming, which Ian loves to shape and mould into real qualifications.

“As someone who has completed the ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Gaming Development)  as a student and now teaches it, I have had a pretty unique experience on both sides of the training experience. One of the really cool things I experienced during my study was the spontaneous mentoring which developed within our class,” he said.

“Students who were strong in one particular area acted as mentors for the students who were better with the other categories; and vice versa! This led to everyone lifting the standard of the entire class together.”

Along with the Gaming Development course, Ian teaches various qualifications at SM TAFE including the CUA31020 Certificate III in Screen and Media and the CUA41220 Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Animation and Visual Effects)

The CUA31020 Certificate III in Screen and Media  provides a taste of digital media and can be the first step toward roles such as web developer or social media specialist.

The CUA41220 Certificate IV in Screen and Media (Animation and Visual Effects) gets students job ready for roles such as a Multimedia Designer or Digital Animator. Course content includes learning how to create AR (augmented reality), Animation, Digital Effects, 3D modelling, 2D design, film post-production and sound.

Students can advance their skills further with the CUA51020 Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation Gaming and Digital Effects) to be offered at SM TAFE from Semester 2 2024, and exciting facility developments are planned with a dedicated media studio in progress. 

At SM TAFE, students can launch into a future-proof IT career and become savvy and skilled operators in Digital Media, a field that has revolutionised the way we communicate, share and receive information in the modern world.

If you have a great eye for design and passion for all things media and tech, you can find out more by exploring SM TAFE IT courses and creating your own study pathway.

*Note that the ICT40120 Certificate IV in Gaming Development and the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment are fee free in 2024. The tuition fees are 100 per cent subsidised by the WA Government for WA residents.

Some eligibility conditions apply for the free training, and other fees may apply for some courses. Please see the FAQs on our Skills Ready page for further information. Tuition fees are free, but resource fees may be payable for some courses.