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Murdoch University

Murdoch University and SM TAFE share the same geographical region student focus and strategic goals aligned to providing job ready outcomes for students.  It is evident that students seeking tertiary education are now looking for alternative education and career pathways rather than more traditional avenues.  It is with this understanding that MU and SM TAFE have developed a scalable partnership to package education offerings to enable a student to make more flexible decisions over time, suited to their interests, knowledge and career goals.

“It is really exciting to be working in collaboration with SM TAFE, to be able to make a broader social impact into the career outcomes of the people living within our local communities.  By understanding local industry workforce skills and knowledge gaps based on projected projects and investment, we can work together with local industry to design education and workforce packages that will aim to support the career goals of our respective student cohorts and the sustainability of our communities”.
Sarah Jackson, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Murdoch University