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Express your interest in the other force

Looking to advance your knowledge in engineering and manufacturing to take advantage of new jobs in defence industries?

Our skill sets are available to tradespeople with most courses available for evening study to suit workers.

Find out about our courses

To find out more about our skill sets, click the link below to view the course page, then return here to submit your details on the form below.

AE374 CNC Operations Skill Set
AE368 Coded Welding Flux Cored Arc Skill Set
AE369 Coded Welding Gas Tungsten Arc Skill Set
AE370 Coded Welding Manual Metal Arc Welding (Pipe) Skill Set
AE371 Fluid Power Skill Set
AE372 Welding Supervisor Skill Set

After you submit this form, you will be contacted by our Engineering Trades lecturer team to talk through all the important information you need to know before studying defence industries skill sets with us.

I have the necessary pre-requisite study for the course(s)