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Evidence requirements

Identification evidence required for enrolment

Before we can finalise your enrolment, we need to make sure we have the right evidence to prove your entitlement to subsidised or concession rates for your course.

Once we have confirmed your evidence, we can apply reduced fee rates such as concession rates to unit fees for qualifications, or allow free entry to skill sets, or allow capping to apply for tuition costs, or support your application for a VET Student Loan.

When you enrol via TAFE Admissions, your literacy and numeracy evidence is assessed and confirmed, and you are sent an offer to study in your selected course. When you are ready to enrol you will need to provide further evidence to prove your eligibility for your place.

How to supply evidence to us

There are multiple ways to get files ready for submitting to us:

  • You can scan the evidence, taking care to include both sides of the card or letter and ensuring the quality of the scan shows the evidence clearly enough for us to verify the details. Save the scanned file as a jpeg or PDF to your device, then find it and upload it to our website form or email to our enrolment officers.
  • You can take a photo of the evidence using a camera or smart phone.

 Once you have prepared your evidence you can submit it to us in the following ways:

  • Submit your evidence to us via the 'Get ready to enrol' webform 
  • Email it to us at
  • Bring hard copies to the customer service counter at one of our TAFE campus'

Evidence required for all enrolments

To accept a State Government funded place at South Metropolitan TAFE, you need to prove you have the right to study in Western Australia. You must be able to provide evidence to support each of the categories below. Please note that where there is a cross over of evidence between categories you only need to provide one piece of evidence. 

  • Proof of Australian citizenship/ residency or temporary residency where applicable. (Group A)
  • Proof of residence in Western Australia (Group B)
  • Proof of Age 

Please see below for examples of accepted evidence for the above. 

Scroll through the images to see Citizenship certificate, Passport and Medicare card examples that will demonstrate your citizenship.

See an example of your driver's license and concession cards to demonstrate your proof of WA residence. A utility bill with your full name is also acceptable.

Scroll through the images to see Proof of Age, Birth Certificate and Passport examples that will demonstrate your  age.

Evidence required for concession rate

To have a concession rate applied to your enrolment, you need to show concession evidence if you are older than school-aged, or, if you are school-aged and have left school, you will need to show both proof of age evidence and proof of having left school.

To find out what the concession rate might be for your course, view the course page ‘Fees and charges’ tab or visit the Fees page.

See the images for Pensioner Concession, Department Veteran's Affairs and Healthcare Card examples that will demonstrate you are a concession cardholder.

Scroll through the images to see Proof of Age, Birth Certificate and Passport examples that will demonstrate your concession age.