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Plumbing Contracting Licensing (Specialist Units) skill set

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This course includes the units you need for the specialist theory and practical component of a plumbing contractor's license.

You will be required to present completed workbooks on the commencement of each theory class for the below concepts.

  • drainage
  • sanitary
  • backflow
  • water supply

Business units are also available to study prior to being ready for applying for a license. 



  • design and size sanitary drainage systems, treatment plant disposal systems, sanitary plumbing systems and heated and cold water services and systems
  • commission and maintain backflow prevention devices and hot and heated water temperature control devices
Free in 2023

This course is FREE from 1 January 2023. The course fees are 100 per cent subsidised by the WA State Government for WA residents.

Some eligibility conditions apply for the free training, and other fees may apply for some courses. Please see the FAQs on our Skills Ready page for further information.

Students must have completed a plumbing trade qualification to study this course.

Attendance in class

This course is equivalent to 5 days a week across 7 weeks from 7.45am - 4.15pm. 

Work placement

Work placement is not a requirement of this course.

What you need for your first day of class

On your first day you should bring your SM TAFE confirmation enrolment receipt, your student ID, stationery (a pen and notepad and wear enclosed footwear and equipment from orientation booklet lists). A Trade Person Licence is required.

  • Scientific calculator
  • Scale rule
  • Pens: red, blue, black and green
  • Lead pencils
  • Notepad

Uniforms and workwear requirements

  • Steel cap boots

Books that are supplied to you as part of the course fee

Drainage Units:

  • ISBN: (9781742058115) CPCPDR4013A BC1909 Domestic Treatment plant Disposal Systems
  • ISBN: (9781742058139) CPCPDR4011A BC1911 Sanitary Drainage systems.

Backflow Units:

  • ISBN: (9781742058108) CPCPWT4012A BC1908

Commission & Maintain Backflow Prevention Devices Sanitary Units:

  • ISBN: (9781742058054) CPCPSN4011A BC1901

Design and size sanitary plumbing system Water Units:

  • ISBN: (9781742056951) CPCPWT4011A BC1907 Design and size Heated and cold water Services and system
  • ISBN: (9781742058122) CPCPWT4003A BC1910 Commission and maintain Heated Water Temperature

Students must supply the following regulations/standards at their own cost

  • Health Regulations Standards Act ISBN: (RKH028) Treatment of Sewerage, Disposal of Effluent & Liquid Wastes
  • Water Regulations Standards ISBN: (RKP 097) Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000
  • AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing Code ISBN: 2770000019835 2015 Edition

On the first day you will need to bring your

  • Completed PCL workbooks for the lecturer to review.
  • A copy of your trades licence card
  • Other trade related evidence such as certificates, academic records, and any other forms of documentation related to industry

Upon successful completion of the full course, the participant will be able to work as a plumbing contractor in the areas of sanitary, drainage, backflow and water supply. The participant will also be able to supervise works carried out by tradespersons and apprentices.

Please note this list should be used as a guide only as job titles and qualification requirements may vary between organisations.

Work placement is mandatory for completion of this course. SM TAFE will arrange a suitable work placement within industry for you which will involve your attendance at a workplace.

To access free career planning and job search assistance, visit the Jobs and Skills Centres page.

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