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Chemical Risk Management Level 3 skill set

State ID GAB64
Mastering pesticide skills for safe handling

Designed for pesticide users with powered and handheld equipment, this course imparts skills in the safe application, transport, and storage of chemicals.

Key competency units include preparing and applying chemicals, controlling weeds, and transporting and storing chemicals.

Person wearing hazmat suit spraying plants with pesticides

When Semester 2, 2023.

Study Mode On Campus.

This course is for people who use pesticides with powered and hand-held application equipment. You will gain the skills and knowledge to apply, transport and store chemicals safely.

Competency units covered in this course:

  • OAL84AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • BAP97 AHCPMG301 Control Weeds
  • BAN70 AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals


  • determine the need for chemical use
  • identify the appropriate chemical
  • prepare for chemical use according to label and MSDS
  • identify conditions for safely applying chemicals
  • list procedures for cleaning up following chemical application
  • record application details
  • determine how to transport and handle chemicals
  • identify how to store chemicals safely
  • record storage details 
  • read and interpret label and MSDS directions for safe transport, handling and storage

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