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Cabin Crew

National ID: AVI30219
State ID: BER6
Industry Aerospace, Maritime and Logistics

Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew)

Gain the skills to become a flight attendant or cabin crew member. Learn skills such as emergency response, first aid and customer service. 

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Are you ready to let your dreams soar?

When you complete the Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew) you will be recruitment-ready for an exciting career as a flight attendant or cabin crew member.

You will gain confidence in dealing with difficult passengers on an aircraft with crew member security training.

This course is specifically designed for those seeking an exciting career as a cabin crew member (flight attendant). This course has been developed in conjunction with commercial airlines and experienced cabin crew training managers to meet current aviation standards and will thoroughly prepare you to be successful in the airline industry.

South Metropolitan TAFE has a Boeing 737 which will be used for the majority of your practical training. The fun begins with practical exercises such as evacuating down a slide, simulated cabin fires with a smoke machine, firefighting, ditching and life raft training. You will have hands on instruction in the full-length cabin with business and economy class seating, fully operational galleys, cabin service equipment and PA system.

Graduates of this course have successfully gained employment with both regional and international airlines as cabin crew members. Students should also be fit and healthy in order to successfully complete the airlines emergency procedure training. A prerequisite for the course is the ability to swim a minimum of 50 metres, unaided and fully clothed. Students must provide a swimming certificate in order to demonstrate they meet the prerequisite and can therefore participate in the water training exercises.

Aerospace Training Centre

South Metropolitan TAFE's AeroSpace Training Centre is the largest provider in WA offering training in aircraft maintenance and aviation. Our lecturers have diverse industry backgrounds including international licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, airline transport pilots, airport managers, flight instructors, cabin crew training managers, emergency procedures instructors, RAAF maintenance supervisors, as well as military and commercial aviators and managers.

The fully equipped hangar of the AeroSpace Training Centre at Jandakot Airport has various aircraft engines, workshop stations, computer facilities, a flight simulator, and a number of aircraft including our own Boeing 737.

Certificate III
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