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Wall and Floor Tiling

Wall and floor tilers lay a variety of tiles in new and existing homes and commercial properties to provide both a protective and decorative finish. Acquire skills such as reading plans, taking measurements, preparing surfaces, concreting surfaces, laying wall and floor tiles and tiling corners with ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass tiles.

National ID: 52893WA
State ID: AD11
Industry Building and Construction
Half price^

Certificate II in Building and Construction (Pathway - Trades) (Mortar Trades Pre-apprenticeship)

Gain the skills to work as an apprentice in the mortar trades (tiling, solid plastering, bricklaying and wall and ceiling lining)

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Do you want a career in a trade that has everything covered?

Many trades in the building industry revolve around structural work that is essential but largely out of sight. The mortar trades, also called finishing trades, include all you can see, such as brick and blocklaying, solid plastering, wall and floor tiling and wall and ceiling lining. This course allows you to get a taste of each of these trades, plus the safety and building constriction industry basic tool knowledge to begin a career in mortar trades.

Study in specialist facilities

Rockingham campus features modern workshops with tools and equipment you will find on any work site. Demonstration areas include spaces where entire formwork and housing can be built, with special wet areas dedicated to solid plastering, ceiling and tiling applications, plumbing pit, gas and electrical stages. Our timber workshop includes multiple lathes and saws for large scale construction.

Certificate II
National ID: CPC31320
State ID: BGE1
Industry Building and Construction
Half price^

Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling

Launch your certified trade career as a wall and floor tiler with this industry-relevant tiling course.

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Do you have an eye for detail and want your work on show?

When you complete the Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling you will be ready for a certified trade career as a wall and floor tiler.

Learn in specialised facilities

Our campuses provide students with a hands-on learning environment that feature industry-standard equipment, advanced technology and specialised workshop areas.

Certificate III
State ID: AE386
Industry Building and Construction
Free in 2023
Skill sets

Work Safety in Construction Skill Set

Get Skills Ready for a job with construction safety skills.

Delivered at:

Get ready for a safe construction career.

Learn the skills to prepare for a career in construction and pick up your White Card along the way.

This skill set will give you an introduction to working in construction, teaching you safety and accuracy in planning for, setting up and beginning a construction project.  You will learn to use tools and equipment safely and the rules and procedures for safe work on site, plus you will work on a construction project, ready to add to your portfolio. 

This course is ideal as a start to a building and construction pathway, building the basic safety skills for wet trades, plumbing, carpentry and joinery.

Skill set
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