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Vehicle Body Building at South Metropolitan TAFE

Purpose built vehicles can be manufactured by you!

Vehicle body builders and trimmers manufacture and repair prototype production units and purpose-built vehicle bodies, and install, repair and replace the interior trim of vehicles.


Vehicle body builders manufacture purpose built vehicles. They manufacture purpose-built bodies for buses, coaches, ambulances, firetrucks, horse floats and other vehicles. They construct intricate frameworks which are then welded, glued and bolted to the vehicle's chassis. These panels are shaped from various materials such as aluminium, metal and reinforced plastic using specialist equipment. Once the vehicle's framework is completed they fit axles, suspension, brakes, handles, locks, hinges, hydraulics and pneumatic systems.


Some tasks a vehicle body builder is expected to undertake include:

  • constructing framework sections in metal, wood, fibreglass and other materials using shaping machines and cutting and welding equipment
  • bolting, screwing, riveting and welding sections together to form complete frameworks
  • cutting and shaping panels of sheetmetal, aluminium and reinforced plastic and attaching to frameworks using hand and power tools
  • modifying assembly line vehicles to special requirements
  • preparing new vehicle trim work according to drawings and sketches, and removing old coverings and fittings from vehicles and taking new measurements
  • selecting and cutting pieces of fabric, vinyl and leather and sewing pieces together using heavy-duty sewing machines
  • installing internal trim in vehicles such as lining, floor coverings and armrests
  • attaching door trims, rubber seals, locks and handles


The course is situated at South Metropolitan TAFE's largest campus in Thornlie, approximately 10km from the CBD.

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