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Tonia's leadership journey

Tonia is a Service Water Operator at Aroona and studied a Cert IV in Leadership and Mentoring in 2019.

The course was suggested to Tonia through her employer, Aroona.

Many of her colleagues have previously completed this course so it was recommended to her for her own professional development.

Tonia also has a personal interest in leadership and mentoring and she is very passionate about developing these skills further in order to apply them to her current job at Aroona.

"I am passionate about making a difference for people that I work with and I love working for a purpose, which I feel this course allows me to do further," said Tonia.

"Studying this course, as well as the people I have met along the way, have all contributed to opening my mind to different perceptions and pushed me out of my comfort zone to allow myself to grow both professionally and personally."

Tonia plans to stay at Aroona and explore different pathway options that she can progress towards, finding out what she likes and what she’s most passionate about at work. 




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