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Susan's love for learning continues

Susan Jetta is a mature age Aboriginal Student who studied the Certificate IV in Leadership and Mentoring and won the 2018 South Metropolitan TAFE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Award.

Since winning the award, Susan has pursued her career dreams and is now working for the Department of Health, where she works as an Aboriginal health worker.

"I was worried that I was too old to learn new skills, but during the first week of my course my whole outlook changed when I participated in group activities and shared my knowledge with other classmates," Susan said. 

She said the course developed her leadership skills and encouraged her love of learning. “TAFE is a great place to go - I want to keep learning until I die. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying."

After completing a professional development plan, Susan set a goal to help her develop her public speaking skills and gain more confidence. 

"As an Aboriginal health worker my job is to talk about health issues and teach the community how to control certain illnesses.

"I have many public speaking opportunities, sometimes speaking at podiatry and diabetes conferences in front of up to 200 people."

As part of her job Susan has developed several documents which detail information in understandable terms, helping people overcome language barriers and learning difficulties.

She plans to work for another couple of years in her current role and said when she retires, she would like to create a group for mature age women to come together and have a 'meal and a yarn', targeting those who have suffered loss of loved ones or been through hard times.

“It would be a place where we can all get together and talk about our marriages and families, because it can get quite lonely for some people”.

Her message to other mature aged students wanting to study is -  "don’t be ashamed to be the oldest in the class, get out and do it."

Page last updated May 22, 2019