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Shai-Marie unleashes her potential

Dog trainer, pet groomer and now South Metropolitan TAFE lecturer Shai-Marie Cheyne knows it’s never too late to teach dogs or humans new tricks.

Shai-Marie began her career 18 years ago as a dog trainer and decided years later to formally train as a pet groomer at SM TAFE, where she was such a natural that she was asked to be a lecturer.
Shai-Marie’s love of animals started during a hospital stay as a child when she saw therapy dogs perform tricks.

“I knew right then that I wanted to help people train dogs,” Shai-Marie said.

Shai-Marie started her own dog training business several years ago and would often assist her vet nurse sister by grooming dogs with behavioural issues.

“Since I was used to working with dogs with behavioural issues, my dog training clients would often ask me to groom their pets.”

Shai-Marie then opened her own grooming and training business Fluffykins based out of the Swanbourne Vet  Clinic and soon she realised she needed formal training. 

“I wanted to do formal training to make sure I knew all the theory behind the trade and could explain to clients why certain grooming techniques are needed,” Shai-Marie said.

Shai-Marie studied a Cert III in Pet Grooming at South Metropolitan TAFE in 2018 and went so well that she was offered a lecturing position at the end of her course.

“My lecturer Candice gave me lots of support and encouragement and as a result I became involved in the Dog Groomers Association of WA and am now the President.”

Shai-Marie is now lecturing at SM TAFE while still running her business out of the Swanbourne Vet. 

“I am so happy that I have been able to find my niche and I hope as a lecturer I am able to pass the information I have learnt onto the next generation. 

 “What makes this career so rewarding is seeing a dog evolve from one that won’t let you touch it, to now have them walking in and trusting you enough to groom them.”

SM TAFE Animal Studies Portfolio Manager Julie Ogle said SM TAFE is extremely lucky to have Shai-Marie on board.

“The fact Shai-Marie was a pet-grooming student here is a huge bonus as she can relate to the students and prove to them that study and hard work pays off,” said Julie.

“Pet Grooming at SM TAFE provides comprehensive training in all aspects of pet grooming services and lecturers like Shai-Marie give students the skills and knowledge to own and operate their own pet grooming business.”

South Metropolitan TAFE offers several animal courses, including a Certificate III traineeship in Pet Grooming.

Our Murdoch campus is home to a dedicated Pet Grooming Salon for students to gain hands-on experience serving clients, taking care of animals and developing their pet grooming skills. 


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