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Natalie's commitment to community

Natalie Arnott started studying Community Services at SM TAFE Armadale in 2017 and went on to complete a Certificate III and IV in Community Services, a Certificate IV in Youth Work and has just completed a Diploma in Community Services.

 “The reason for me completing my first certificate was due to an unexpected event which happened in my life and the realisation that I needed more knowledge around situations I was now facing,” Natalie said.

“The initial courses gave me the knowledge I needed, and the experience was not only rewarding but studying at SM TAFE Armadale gave me so much more.

“I thrived on the knowledge I received from the lecturers and other students. I gained skills that allowed me to become self-aware, culturally aware and enhance my communication methods. All the above inspired me to continue my learning journey.

“My favorite part of studying these courses was the chance to learn from lecturers who have worked in or been a part of the Community Services sector.

“All my lecturers bring much more to the classes than the required teaching components, they bring experience and advice.

“The experience and advice are invaluable, and I am grateful to have been taught by such knowledgeable and dedicated people.

“Now I have finished my Diploma I wish to work within the Community Services sector, but I am not totally sure which area I will end up in.

“During my placement for my Cert IV Youth Work I gained casual employment with a Youth Centre where I now run two programs which I really enjoy.

“I have also gained casual employment within the AOD area due to my knowledge gained in my Cert III Community Services Certificate.

“I would highly recommend any of the above courses I have completed as they not only gave me a great deal of knowledge but also an experience which has resulted in my personal growth.

“Thank you SM TAFE for not only being a training institute but also for the staff you employ who are experienced and dedicated.”

Page last updated July 04, 2019