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Jayi Kaptowe, Community Services international student

Jayi Kaptowe, from Zambia, is currently studying the Certificate IV in Community Services at Murdoch campus, and is thoroughly enjoying his student experience on many levels.

“The style of delivery of the units and other course content has been remarkable. Unlike sitting through hours of lecturing, dictation and having so much to take in and write down all at once, all units involve interactive learning, printed handouts, debriefing, using visual aids such as video clips and documentaries and role plays. Lecturers are also very helpful in ensuring students are clear about subject matter and that they have good direction as the units progressed forward”.

Learning from experience is an important part of the study experience at South Metropolitan TAFE. “The Certificate III course had a work placement unit, which was a great experience for me because in such a short time I was able to practice my newly acquired skills at organisations in the Community Services Industry. My work involves being the first point of contact (admin worker) alongside co-facilitating a Multicultural Men's Group every Monday when I'm not at school. I am happy to have the opportunity of continuously practicing and building my skillset even as I proceed with my current semester. I can only be grateful for this experience because I wasn’t quite able to achieve this in my home country, especially within such a short period of time. I can feel the progress being made in my professional and social development. I can now look at my resume and put on an honest happy face”.

What Jayi enjoys most about studying at South Metropolitan TAFE is “Interacting with diverse people from different backgrounds and how friendly, sociable and cooperative my Certificate III class was. We literally worked and moved together as one throughout the entire semester. I’m looking forward to such an experience again this semester”.

Jayi appreciates all the services offered at the college:  “Thumbs up to the library! Resources in the library are very helpful too; the front desk, computers with internet access and also, the comfy resting couches on which I like to have my 5-10 minute power naps.

Additionally, Career Development Services staff helped me a lot in making my resume more pivotal when applying for any kind of work in line with current industry standard in Australia.

International Services Support has been very helpful since orientation earlier this year. The trip to ‘Rotto’ in the first semester was great. I now have friends from different courses who are international students like myself, and others from within my course”.

Jayi is still considering which of his many options to pursue on completing his Diploma in Community Services. “Honestly, it is a win-win situation for me. I am happy to proceed with gaining more full-time work experience here in Australia after my studies, or carry my skillset to my home country in Zambia, and begin my career as a Community/Welfare Worker, with the aim of influencing health policy and improving strategies for health care, particularly in the area of mental health and ill-health prevention. Proceeding to University (where I’d love to study Community Development) is just more icing on the cake on both parts”.

If wishes are granted the moment we speak them, then it is my wish to continue to give the very best I can wherever I am, and where else I will go.

Jayi’s advice to future students “There's really a lot to take in and a lot you can achieve in a given period. Make it count! Also, make good friends, do good things, work hard at school, have an open mind and most importantly, relax! You’re not the only one feeling lost, unsure or misguided. If you look around, there's always somebody to help you. At TAFE, it's your lecturers, peers and the International Student Services and Support team. Be sure to visit them all. ALL THE BEST and "No Worries!" “

Page last updated September 26, 2018