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Get hands-on with STEM…

It’s the latest buzzword in education, but what is it exactly? And why is it so important?

STEM is education focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics and includes these topics when applied to other subjects, such as fashion or art. The study of STEM subjects is really important for young minds as it develops creative and critical thinking skills, which encourages students to learn through exploring and hands-on learning—important skills to have in today’s rapidly changing job market.

A major emphasis is placed on high school students to study traditional maths and science subjects, and admittedly, they don’t always excite or appeal to all students and unfortunately not all students excel in a classroom situation. STEM learning at TAFE can present a more dynamic and practical way of tackling these traditional subjects, so if you weren’t exactly inspired by the need to memorise the periodic table, there’s no reason to feel discouraged! By developing your research skills, critical and creative thinking, organisational skills and analytical skills, you’ll have  enriched your appeal to future employers.

Courses such as laboratory operations, environmental monitoring, and conservation and land management develop these important skills in a hands-on environment. By conducting experiments, collecting and analysing samples, adjusting controls to change outcomes, monitoring and reporting on results, and processing and analysing data, students are able to get their hands dirty and gain really valuable skills that are transferrable across any job sector. Students get out in the real world in these courses, because the kinds of exploration they are doing have real-world impact: they test our environment and substances that surround us, which can be a whole load more interesting to students looking for interesting and meaningful work.

Plus our lecturers are expert at translating tough concepts to students. They’ve worked in industry and create tasks that take students into real-life situations faced in today’s STEM jobs.

So if you thought maths and science were dud subjects in high school, give it another go at SM TAFE. You might just surprise yourself!

Page last updated January 17, 2019