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Diane's path to success

Diane Birch is a mature age International student from England.  After travelling the world for six years she decided to move to a country that had the most potential for her to develop a career and offer the most opportunity to grow. So in 2016 Diane arrived in Australia with ambition to study, but was unsure what to focus on. 

"I wanted to do something that would allow me to use and develop my skills working with people and felt the Certificate IV in Community Services was a good place to start.

"During this qualification I didn't know what I wanted to do so undertook a colossal amount of voluntary community work as well as work practice, which I felt really helped consolidate my  TAFE training and put the skills learned in class to practice. 

"I began my studies with a Certificate IV in Community Services. All my lecturers offered a high level of teaching, mainly because they had good industry knowledge but also because the classes were very informative with plenty of room for discussion, which made learning more fun. This was important to me because I have lots of opinions and learn best by expressing them. 

"Secondly,  I continued to the Diploma of Community Services because at this point I still didn't know where I wanted to go but had identified a level that I would like to be. I considered the Certificate IV a great level of education for a support worker role or general community service worker, whereas the diploma was more applicable to a case manager or supervisory position. 

"My personal ambition in life has always been to make someone's day a little better even in the smallest way and I think my TAFE education and work practice experiences offered me a more broader view on how I could achieve this.

"I have now just had orientation day for ECU in Bunbury, where I have received two scholarships as an international student studying a bachelors in nursing. Following this degree I hope to become a community nurse working in remote parts of Australia (or other parts of the world) facilitating programs to educate people on physical wellbeing as well as managing mental health issues. It is here where my community service qualifications will truly shine along with the medical knowledge I have learned at university.

"Thank you to TAFE and all the staff that have participated in helping me choose and develop my career pathway." 

Page last updated June 26, 2019