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Aly, carpentry and joinery apprentice

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Aly looks forward to sustainable housing and large projects

A career in carpentry and joinery is more than timber and nails! 

Our students learn in block release from their employers, coming to our campuses to use our workshop facilities to build projects, share skills and gain expert advice from our lecturers. 

Aly studies at our Thornlie campus and, in the above video, talks about how her studies will allow her to contribute to the world in a meaningful way by creating sustainable housing using tiny houses. The tiny stairs project she did in class the day we spoke is just one of the skills learnt in a carpentry and joinery apprenticeship. Students also learn to build roofs, cabinets and shelving, plus much more.

Aly discusses how her apprenticeship offers the flexibility of working with more than one employer. This is a valuable component of apprenticeships; when one employer wins a major contract, apprentices can be assigned to that project to learn skills they would otherwise not be able to acquire with their main employer. Apprentices also ingrain themselves in industry this way, connecting to a larger network of employers and building contacts for future work.

Our apprentices work under the careful supervision of lecturers, maximising their time with us and away from their employment, and leveraging the experience and industry contacts of our staff.

To see a class in live action, view the video we posted to our Facebook page. (Ignore any suggestions to join or login, and switch to a Chrome browser if you don't have Facebook)

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