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VET Delivered to Secondary Students

What is VETDSS?

VETDSS stands for Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students. At SM TAFE we offer courses across many industries to secondary students at our own campuses and at selected secondary school locations. Choosing a VET pathway means you can make school more interesting and relevant to you while kick starting your career with recognised qualifications. Graduate with your Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and have the choice to continue in your TAFE studies, or decide to move into a higher education course.   

Pathways to successful careers

VETDSS pathways are the perfect introduction into the world of work. You will learn practical skills in year 11 and 12 while gaining an insight into the needs of the workplace. You will attend one of our VETDSS classes one or two days a week and for the rest of the week participate in your normal school program where you will still benefit from the educational and social support provided by your school.

Success in your program can lead to immediate employability by graduating with a nationally accredited qualification, or you will have a head start in other nationally recognised qualifications. As you continue your study pathway to higher-level qualifications, your opportunities for further study will increase, leading you to be able to specialise in industry or continue to higher education and university studies.

Explore our Pathways book to see where a VETDSS course can take you

(Click through using the Pathways Book button below, then zoom in to explore further and click to course pages on our website. Then share with your VET coordinator or with family and friends.)

Ready to apply?

See our VETDSS Applications(opens in a new tab) page to find out how and to explore our 2021 course guide to get an indication of what 2022 courses may be on offer.