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GAB62 GAB62 Basic Paving Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time

Pave your way to a successful career

Looking to get a basic knowledge of paving practices and techniques? In this class you will learn how to screed, lay and cut paving, the principles and practices behind paving techniques, whilst learning to operate all the machinery, equipment and tools necessary to complete a basic paving job. 

Upcoming dates:

Mondays, 20 July to 21 September, 4pm to 8pm


GAB63 GAB63 Basic Retaining Walls Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time

Now is the time to build your career 

Looking to get a basic knowledge of brick and block retaining walls? In this class you will learn to lay, level, set out and prepare sites for low profile retaining wall jobs. You will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge behind building retaining walls in the landscape industry.

Upcoming dates:

2021 dates coming soon.

GAB64 GAB64 Chemical Risk Management Level 3 Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time

This course is for people who use pesticides with powered and hand-held application equipment. You will gain the skills and knowledge to apply, transport and store chemicals safely.

  • Determine the need for chemical use
  • Identify the appropriate chemical
  • Prepare for chemical use according to label and MSDS
  • Identify conditions for safely applying chemicals
  • List procedures for cleaning up following chemical application
  • Record application details
  • Determine how to transport and handle chemicals
  • Identify how to store chemicals safely
  • Record storage details 
  • Read and interpret label and MSDS directions for safe transport, handling and storage

Competency units covered in this course:

  • OAL84AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • BAP97 AHCPMG301 Control Weeds
  • BAN70 AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals

Participants will receive the following resources:

  • A reference manual
  • An assessment guide

Upcoming dates

All 2020 dates for this course have been cancelled. Please check back for 2021 dates in due course.

Please use the course enquiry form at the bottom of this page for more information.

Note: Due to the new unit requirements this course is now delivered over THREE days on-Campus and all students will be required to successfully complete an off-site Assessment portfolio BEFORE being deemed competent

GAB60 GAB60 Chemical Risk Management Level 4 Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time
chemical, pesticide, pest, risk, environment, smarttrain, smartrain, AHC40410,

This course is suitable for training supervisors and managers with risk management skills to manage the transportation, storage, application and record keeping of agricultural chemicals (including biological pesticides). Participants must be accredited at Level 3 to achieve competence at Level 4.

Course structure

  • Introduction to risk management
  • Integrated resistance and pest management
  • Chemical application management
  • Chemical risk management
  • Environmental risk management
  • Residue risk management
  • Records management
  • Comply with mandatory codes of practice and relevant legislation to safely transport, store and handle chemicals in the workplace
  • Identify integrated management strategies to control pests
  • Select appropriate chemicals for application to an identified pest problem at a particular site
  • Establish procedures to ensure chemicals are applied according to the label
  • Assess the risk of residues in commodities and as contaminants in the environment during and following chemical application
  • Design and implement recording systems for chemical storage

Competency units covered in this course

  • BAL98 AHCPMG302 Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
  • BAM93 AHCCHM401 Develop procedures to minimise risk in the use of chemicals
  • BAL49 AHCCHM402 Plan and implement a chemical use program

Competent students will receive a Statement of Attainment

2021 dates TBC

GAA70 GAA70 Manage Pests by Applying Pesticides Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time

2020 Dates

This course runs for five full days on campus on the following dates.

  • 20 - 24 July 
  • 21 - 25 September 
  • 16 - 20 November
GAA23 GAA23 Operate and Maintain Chainsaws Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time
C000000, C000010, C000002, C000006, chainsaw, maintenance, osh, ohs, whs, wsh, D454SHORT, AHC20410, d454, smt0089, ahcmom213, BAS06, GAA23

In this course you'll learn how to cross-cut fallen timber and the cutting techniques to maximise volume and quality recovery. You'll also learn about complying with the mandatory codes of practice and legislation to safely operate a chainsaw in the workplace.

Application of skills and knowledge to cross-cut fallen timber 
Identify cutting techniques to maximise volume and quality recovery 
Comply with mandatory codes of practice and relevant legislation to safely operate chainsaws in the workplace along with duty of care to self, others and the environment 
This course is suitable for people who operate chainsaws in an urban environment (it does not cover remote operators working in state forest.

Competency unit covered in this course:

BAS06 AHCMOM213 Operate and Maintain Chainsaws 
Additional Requirements 

Participants are required to wear appropriate PPE (All PPE must comply with the relevant Australian Standards) for this course:

Safety helmet 
Safety glasses AS1337 min 
Hearing protection class 5 
Steel capped safety boots 
Gloves (optional) 
Long trousers 
No loose fitting items of clothing, jewellery, long hair contained.

2020 Dates

10 and 11 August

GAA24 GAA24 Residential Turf Management Skill Set
Skill sets
Skill set Part Time
turf, greenkeeping, greenkeeper, groundsperson, SMT0102, C000000, C000002, Horticulture, Lawn, mowing, weeds, plant, nutrition, GAA24

A course for residential and commercial Lawnmowing/Lawncare contractors or employees.

This course covers a wide range of topics, all relevant to the domestic and small commercial mowing contractor.

Topics include WHS, fertilisers and pricing, soils and soil preparation, turf recognition, plant structure and function, mowing techniques, turf renovation, irrigation, pests and diseases, sales and marketing, planning, debtor control and summer and winter survival.


  • WHS –  Workplace Health & Safety
  • Plant nutrition, Soil Wetting Agents, Calibration, Application
  • Turf Recognition, Different Species, External Features, Growth Habits
  • Plant Physiology, Structure and Function, Root Systems
  • Soil Components, pH Levels, Soil Preparation, Install and Establish Turf
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance,
  • Mowing Techniques and Renovation
  • Preparation of machinery and equipment
  • Pests and Diseases, Identification, Treatment
  • Irrigation Systems, Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting
  • Sales and Marketing in Lawnmowing Buying and Selling Clients, Maximising Income
  • Planning Your Work, Expanding Your Business
  • Maintaining Your Business, Debtors, Summer/Winter Survival

Competency Units in this course:

  • BAL98 AHCPMG302 Control Plant Pests, Diseases and Disorders
  • BAO01 AHCPM301 Implement a plant nutrition program
  • BAO73 AHCTRF303 Implement a grassed area maintenance program
  • BAP15 AHCBUS404 Operate within a budget framework


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Agriculture, Animals, Science and the Environment

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You can get advice to help you with your next step in your career by contacting our Jobs and Skills Centre for career advice and training information on 13 64 64.


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Another wildly diverse area covering specific studies in veterinary nursing and companion animal services, animal behaviour and health, the racing industry, horticulture and conservation, landscaping, bushland assessment and rehabilitation, nursery plants, conservation and land management, and biological surveys.


Plan your study pathway in agriculture, animals, science and the environment