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Student Wellbeing

Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy, and it’s as simple as Act Belong Commit. By being active, finding a sense of belonging or having a purpose in life – you can move towards a healthier you! Discover how at


When it comes to good mental health small actions can make a big difference. Get outdoors today — go for a walk, say hi to your neighbour, read a good book or play a board game.


Think about the last time you did something with someone. How did you feel? Keeping connected to friends, family, community and culture can improve your mental health.


When you do something meaningful you can improve your mental health. Start by working out what is meaningful, important or valuable to you.

Aboriginal People

Act Belong Commit’s ‘Standing Strong Together’ message emphasis the dependency of social and emotional wellbeing on interactions with family and community and connection to Country and culture.

Find new activities

Find some activities near you!


Mood Diary

This mood diary will help you reflect on your mood before and after you act, belong and commit to activities you do throughout the week. Record the activities and your mood, and then take some time to look over the diary to see how living an active lifestyle affected your mood.

Self-Assessment Tool

How involved are you in mentally healthy activities at the moment? The Act Belong Commit online Self Assessment Tool is a valuable resource for Western Australians to check in with their mental health.