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Career Transition Assistance (CTA)

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) allows mature-age job seekers, aged 45 years and older,  to gain the practical skills needed to increase employability and competitiveness in the local job market.  

Students can attend classes for CTA courses at the following campuses:

  • Fremantle
  • Thornlie
  • Rockingham
  • Mandurah

CTA offers flexibly learning and runs for a total of 75 hours. Choose from eight weeks, two days a week from 9am to 2pm, or 16 weeks one day per week. SM TAFE offer the CTA program face to face, online or as blended delivery.

This program is funded by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. 

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) assists mature age individuals build skills and confidence to be more competitive in their local job market.
CTA assists individuals how to use their skills and experience to their advantage when applying for jobs. As well as improving (ICT) computer literacy  technology when looking for work.
Career Transition Assistance can help you get ready for work by:

  • Finding out what skills you already have and how they would transfer to a new job
  • Targeting your job search
  • Tailoring your job application
  • Preparing an individual pathway plan
  • Employer visits and opportunities to undertake work experience

It can also make you more confident with:

  • Applying for jobs online
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • Desktop computers

For more information, please visit the CTA website(opens in a new tab)

SM TAFE has strong industry links and demonstrated experience in working with mature age people. We have existing connections with industry and employers in the Perth South Metropolitan region. SM TAFE facilitates direct engagement with local employers and will support you to explore different occupations and industries.

Our purpose is to provide individuals with skills to enable employment and career development. As one of WA’s largest training providers with over 30 years’ experience, SM TAFE is well positioned to deliver CTA to mature aged participants. Each individual’s interests and career readiness are considered

CTA includes a flexible rolling intake, so you can enrol anytime. CTA sessions are delivered face-to-face, one-on-one and in group settings, online, or a combination of both guided by qualified facilitators. CTA includes practical support to: 

  • Explore your goals and motivations 
  • Identify existing skills and how they transfer to job opportunities 
  • Understand your local job market 
  • Update and tailor your resume 
  • Apply for jobs online and practice interview skills 
  • Develop practical ICT and digital skills to apply for jobs. This will improve your confidence, networking skills and build your resilience and networks.

Week 1 - Welcome to the CTA Program (5 hours)

  • Goal setting – SMART goals including links and handouts

Week 2 – Evaluating your Career Pathway (10 hours)

  • Self exploration - career quizzes, personality types, evaluating pathways 

Week 3 – Resume and Cover letters  (10 hours)

  • Includes interactive workshops

Week 4 – Career Pathway Plan (10 hours)

  • Working one on one with career advisor, identifying career pathways

Week 5 – Job Search Skills/ Goals and Motivation (15 hours)

  • Interview skills, finding suitable work and networking 
  • Creating job seeker accounts and building confidence when applying for work
  • Includes interactive workshops

Week 6 -  Industry and Employment Skills (10 hours)

  • Exploring industries, marketing yourself, transferable skills and knowledge      
  • Internal employer visits

Week 7 – Support Services (10 hours)

  • Support services available moving forward, teamwork and leadership skills

Week 8 – CTA Program Review (5 hours)

SM TAFE's online CTA program allows for facilitators to view your progress live online and send you notifications once the work is submitted. It allows for constructive feedback if required. SM TAFE's online platform also allows live online assistance as well as live video and audio chat. We will also arrange for live employer/industry presentations to expand your knowledge on jobs and skills in demands as well as forecasts for jobs of the future. 

To complement weekly learning, clients will have access to booklets that can be emailed or collected from each campus helpful for clients that do not have digital technologies at home. Online participants will also have access to SM TAFE campuses, libraries and training rooms 5 days a week to use computers, library, printers and have access to the Jobs and Skills Centre staff and campus facilitators for support.

SM TAFE arranges employer visits. This is an innovative approach to allow participants to get a ‘feel’ for the industry relevant to the employer or industry representative. For example, in addition to a guest speaker from an employer, SM TAFE will use relevant labour market data, videos, photos, anecdotes or other media to support an understanding of the requirements and opportunities in a particular industry.

As an SM TAFE CTA participant you will also have access to our four local Jobs and Skills Centres. SM TAFE Jobs and Skills Centres are one-stop shops for careers, apprenticeship and traineeship and employment advice and assistance. 

You can access free, professional and practical advice on training and employment opportunities including careers advice, apprenticeship and training information. Support services for employers, Aboriginal people, ex offenders and people from a culturally or linguistically diverse background are also available. 

SM TAFE’s Jobs and Skills Centres are located in our Armadale, Mandurah, Rockingham and Thornlie campuses. 

Our experienced CTA facilitators and career advisors will deliver interactive workshops on career topics in a manner that inspire CTA participants to believe in themselves to positively move forward. All workshops are available on campus. These workshops can also be conducted via video link for online participants.

SM TAFE's career workshops include:

  • ‘Better Resume Writing’ 
  • ‘Interview Skills’   
  • ‘On Target Job Applications’ 
  • ‘Advantages of Networking'
  • ‘Reverse Marketing’ 

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