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SM TAFE leads national TAFEcyber consortium

A new partnership between AustCyber and TAFEcyber will see SM TAFE take a leadership role in developing a strong, national framework for skilling future cyber security professionals.  

SM TAFE will be collaborating with a national consortium of 10 Australian TAFE colleges who have successfully been awarded funding through the AustCyber Projects Fund to support the development of Australia’s cyber security training capability.  SM TAFE will be taking a leadership role in the project providing a unique opportunity to build on our reputation as a leading training provider in the industry.

The AustCyber partnership will enable SM TAFE to establish best practice training and facilities for Western Australia’s growing cyber security industry and support the growth of a cyber security workforce to meet the state’s growing demand for skills in the industry.

The project will achieve several outcomes, including the establishment of a centralised national repository for leading-edge learning resources, development of training products and professional development for lecturers. The project will also support SM TAFE’s renowned Training Cyber Security Operations Centre (TCSOC)  to collaborate with training organisations nationally, with the project focused on the development of interconnectivity between TAFE college TCSOC centres across Australia.

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