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Alternative study pathways for students who haven't met the WACE requirements

With Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) results announced on Monday 21 December 2020, many students (and parents!) may be concerned or confused about what their future holds. 

It is important to know that WACE isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of your future endeavours.
“Firstly, don’t freak out!” Says Deborah Hathway, Lecturer of Foundation Skills at South Metropolitan TAFE.  “There is study after school, you have options and time to achieve your study or career goals.” 

To graduate high school and to commence a Certificate II course at TAFE, students must complete OLNA or NAPLAN band 8(opens in a new tab) . These are usually completed during years 10 – 12 of high school but can be repeated at any stage of study.  

At TAFE students learn in a less pressured learning environment with a smaller cohort of students. If OLNA or high school really wasn’t your thing, TAFE’s alternative pathways into courses may be a better fit for you. 

One example is the Certificate II in General Education (CGEA II), where students gain the necessary knowledge and skills for study in their preferred industry areas.  

Michelle King, Advisory Teacher for the Big Picture Program at Sevenoaks College, believes giving students alternative options to WACE is highly beneficial.

“Many students require alternative pathways into TAFE for a variety of reasons, The CGEA II helps students who have a direct focus achieve their goals faster,” she says. “I would recommend this certificate to students who have had difficulty passing year ten, students with gaps in their prior learning or to anyone who wishes to enrol into TAFE.” 

South Metropolitan TAFE understands that not everyone has the same journey through high school nor the same grades or even knows what they want to do after school. 

“At the beginning of their studies a student may not know what vocation they want to pursue,” says Michelle King, “A CGEA II gives students the opportunity to learn new skills, that helps them plan for their future, without having to do subjects that don't really matter to them.” 

If you would like advice on how to plan your TAFE studies, and study requirements, our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  To get in touch, give our Jobs and Skill Centres a call on 13 64 64.