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Rockingham Building & Construction Trades Open Day

The Building and Construction Trades Open Day is on again at Rockingham campus!

On Wednesday 11 September, schools, parents and interested school leavers are invited to join in guided tour sessions of our construction workshops, giving students the opportunity to meet with lecturers and get hands-on in trades including:

  • carpentry and joinery
  • brick and blocklaying
  • plumbing
  • solid plastering
  • wall and ceiling lining
  • wall and floor tiling  

Have all your construction skills questions answered, and learn how an in-school VET pathway can prepare you for lucrative construction careers after school.

For schools

Year 10 students can plan towards VET pathways in year 11 and 12, while year 11 and year 12 students are encouraged to attend to get access to study information post-school.

Register your school group via the webform below for 1.5 hour guided tour sessions from 1pm to 4pm.

For parents and school leavers

Anyone interested in a building and construction trade can join in from 4pm for trades and career information post-school.

Register to attend using our webform on the button below, or get your FREE tickets on our Facebook event from 4pm to 6pm.


The September program will be released soon. To get a taste of what's to come, download the  April 2019 event program using the purple button below, or see the list of activities and demonstrations in the table below.

1. Welcome
Jobs and Skills Centre career advisors will be on hand to welcome you and get your session ready to begin.

2. Solid Plastering
Try your hand at trowelling mortar to a brick wall and learn the best tips to setup your career as a business owner. View a student project designed to provide the knowledge and skills to mix and apply trowled texture coat finishes.

3. Wall & Floor Tiling
Watch a demonstration on how a tile snapper works and learn how working in wall and floor tiling means you can operate on employee wages or as an owner operator working for themselves. Have the opportunity to view a bathroom floor tiling project and learn about what is involved to get to the finished product.

4. Wall & Ceiling Lining
Learn how to safely use a screw-gun and try your hand at screwing plasterboard to a timber wall frame. Listen to the expert lecturers talk about job opportunities and starting up your own business in the trade. View a free standing project completed by 3rd year apprentices. 

5. Brick & Block Laying
Try your hand at laying bricks on a wall and learn some facts about the industry from lecturers who are experts in the field. View a Masonry Arch “bullseye” project final year students built with advanced design and laying skills.

6. Industry Advice
Hear from Industry experts from the Construction Trading Fund and ABN Group. The Construction Training Fund partners with TAFE to create new opportunities for employment of pre-apprentices.
ABN Group are a large employer of South Metropolitan TAFE pre-apprentice graduates.

7. Plumbing
Learn how to cut copper pipe using cutters, and try your hand at joining pieces together to make water tight joints. View the final year student project with a PVC pipe system installed throughout a multi-level building to collect and drain waste-water.

8. Carpentry & Joinery
Explore a number of projects including formwork stairs, advance roofing, wall framing, external cladding and internal panelling, lining and mouldings. Listen to lecturers provide expert advice about working in commercial construction. 

9. Enrolments & career pathway advice
Jobs and Skills Centre career advisors will conclude the tour with study pathways, course information and how to apply. They’ll also be on hand to take your expression of interest for a semester 2 course or book a one-on-one career planning appointment.

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