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Managing your password

If you have recently enrolled in your next semester of units

Your password and login details will not change if you are continuing on the same course or have enrolled in a new course.

To see step by step instructions for accessing the new Student Portal, download our login user guide for current students.

Continuing student user guide (752 KB) (PDF document - opens in a new tab)    

Changing your password, or what to do when your password expires

Your password will expire every 90 days, requiring you to change it.

Your new password needs to include three of the following character types: upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers, symbols and must be at least eight characters long.

To reset your password, go to the 'Password Manager' on in a new tab) . Once you have changed your password for Office 365 it will give you immediate access to Student Portal, and take approximately 10 minutes to transfer over to Blackboard.

How to recover your account, or change your verification email or phone number

If you have changed your verification email address or phone number you may find it handy to update them first, before using the Password Manager reset link above. Go here first: in a new tab)

If you need more assistance logging in

If you have tried your current login details and are still having issues, try changing your password first. 

If it is more than 48 hours since your successful enrolment and you cannot recover your account using your verification email address or phone number or are still having difficulties accessing the system, call 1800 001 001 or email and have your student ID handy. You can also visit a campus library(opens in a new tab) for help in person.