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Maintenance Associate Diversity Pathway Program

Delivered in partnership with BHP, the Maintenance Associate - Diversity Pathway Program (DPP) provides indigenous and/or female participants with the skills required to gain employment in Western Australia’s resources industry. 

Students will complete units selected to suit the role of a Maintenance Associate in the Pilbara region. The role performs general maintenance duties alongside trade professionals.  


Course aims

The Maintenance Associate DPP program offers participants the opportunity to:

  1. foster an understanding of the maintenance associate job role 
  2. develop technical and practical skills linked to the job outcomes
  3. learn foundation construction principles, use of tools and materials and conduct work within mining villages
  4. be part of a recruitment process conducted by BHP at the conclusion of the program 

Entry requirements and learning environments

Applicants are required to be either female or of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and must be competent in communication and mathematics. These skills are equivalent to completion of Year 10 but may also be achieved through previous work or informal learning experiences. Applicants should demonstrate a good attitude and work ethic.

The course has been developed to mirror the BHP work environment, with workplace language and policies followed. Participants will complete drug and alcohol screening during the training program. Students will receive support from SM TAFE Student Services and the Jobs and Skills engagement officers to provide every opportunity for success.

Further information

If you have any questions about the opportunity, please contact:
Name: Nate Stuart
Position: Senior Client Engagement Officer – Aboriginal Services  
Phone: 08 9599 8628

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