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KBR - Technical training services for the Royal Australian Navy

KBR’s relationship with SM TAFE is founded on over 20 years of collaboration to deliver a wide range of trade and post-trade training programs for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). These include specialist RAN courses encompassing hull, propulsion and diesel maintenance, electrical systems, maritime operations and control systems. SM TAFE has successfully implemented job specific programs to ensure RAN personnel have the requisite skills and knowledge to meet the demands of their unique work environment. These programs offer the opportunities to gain professional, trade and tertiary qualifications. Training is customised and delivered to specialised defence requirements.

"The successful relationship that KBR maintains with SM TAFE is one that has been built and reinforced over two decades in providing high quality training services to the Royal Australian Navy. The partnership has focused on not only offering Navy personnel the opportunity to gain professional, trade and tertiary qualifications but professionally delivering on such opportunities. The support SM TAFE has provided is critical in enabling Navy personnel to be job-ready to meet the ever-changing and challenging demands of their unique work environment. SM TAFE’s professionalism and willingness to support Navy personnel with these specific training programs has been exemplary, reliable and undertaken with the utmost integrity. Staff have been accommodating and flexible – willing to work with new ideas and requirements in an often dynamic environment. The positive outcomes achieved by SM TAFE are results that the organisation justly deserves."

John Robertson, General Manager – Strategic Projects KBR GS APAC