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Aviation Management

Aerospace, Maritime and Logistics

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See our Early Childhood class in action

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Watch our fitness students being put to the test

"Thank you to TAFE and all the staff for helping me choose and develop my career pathway."

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Hear from beauty therapy student Phoebe

See our students work on the runway, click below.

SM TAFE graduate dresses the bachelorettes!

Find out why engineering design and automation are 'jobs of the future'

Find out where a horticulture career can take you

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Josh is crafting a career in gaming

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Shak looks to the cloud with networking skills

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See our massage students in action

Plastering a trade for smooth operators

Tiling takes lecturer on a global learning journey

From wallpapering feature walls to working at heights, the job always keeps you interested.

Ever wondered what the big deal about STEM education is?

Whether you are a school leaver, re-entering the work force or want a career change SM TAFE have some great courses to help you find your dream career.

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There's so many opportunities in the industry, you can go anywhere around the world

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South Metropolitan TAFE offers business courses in a simulated business environment

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The TAFE lecturers here are amazing.

In such a short time I was able to practice my newly acquired skills in the industry!

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I love the design part of it, and also, I love working with students.

Aerospace courses are tailored to give you a solid understanding of the practices and requirements of the aviation and logistics industries. 

TAFE provides world-class training in fishing and marine studies, marine operations and marine engineering. It will set you up for a career in a range of maritime-related fields, including commercial fishing, marine tourism, aquaculture, deck cadet and ship’s captain.

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