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Human Resources

Study management and you will have the skills to manage and lead people in a broad range of industries. You’ll learn how to interact and communicate with people from a range of backgrounds and increase efficiency and productivity of an organisation. Study human resources to learn recruitment skills and processes.

National ID: BSB40420
State ID: BFS2
Industry Business and Finance
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Certificate IV in Human Resource Management

Recruit the best staff and develop staff potential with this industry-relevant course.

Do you have a passion for working with people or a drive to make a difference? This course will give you job ready skills to work across a range of Human Resources roles. 
At the heart of any organisation, the Human Resources department is responsible for managing, supporting and developing the company’s most important and valuable asset; its people.

The Certificate IV in Human Resources Management will teach you how to run successful recruitment programs, induction and training programs and how to support the HR team with performance management and industrial relations procedures.

You will learn to communicate professionally with warmth and empathy with people from a wide range of backgrounds, have active listening for employee comments and concerns, as well as team building and administrative skills. 

Being qualified in Human Resources opens the door to working in almost every industry imaginable such as building and construction, education, mining and resources, media, finance or hospitality and tourism. With the credentials in this course, you can work in roles such as Human Resources Officer, Recruitment Assistance or in Human Resources development. 

Certificate IV
National ID: BSB50320
State ID: BFR8
Industry Business and Finance
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Diploma of Human Resource Management

When you complete this diploma you will have what it takes for a career as a human resources manager.

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Do you see yourself as a leader in an organisation, playing an integral role in building a better workplace and supporting the workforce to reach its full potential? Kick-start your career in Human Resources with this high-level qualification which will give you job ready skills for a supervisory role such as a HR manager, or a HR officer.

Be guided by our passionate team of lecturers who are industry professionals in the field, and gain expertise in strategic Human Resource management. Grow knowledge of functions such as performance development which provides an opportunity for regular feedback and learn to foster a work environment where people can perform to the best of their abilities in their role. Build skills in workforce planning to analyse and prepare for future staffing needs and become a facilitator of employee and industrial relations, learning to connect and engage with employees, negotiate union contracts and resolve grievances.

This nationally accredited qualification will make you workforce ready to be employed as a HR professional in almost every industry, such as building and construction, education, mining and resources, media, finance or hospitality and tourism.

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