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Apply and enrol

Semester 1, 2020 applications are now open

There's more than 400 courses in dozens of exciting study pathways for you to begin or revisit your career journey. Search now and return here when you've found the course you want for instructions on how to apply. 

If you need assistance at any point during the process, or need help finding the best course for you, call our friendly course information team on 1800 001 001 or email us at info@smtafe.wa.edu.au.


How to apply for Semester 1 2020 courses 

Ready to apply now?

Use the purple button below to go straight to our TAFE Admissions website, where most of our semester start courses are listed for application. Make sure you have gathered all the documentation you need - they must be true and genuine documents of your academic and work history to date. Penalties will apply for false or misleading information.
(Please note: not all courses are available via TAFE Admissions. Use the course pages instructions under the 'Delivery location, important dates and study options' heading to find out if your favourite course has a different application method.)

Need to know more first?

Search our courses and take note of the national and state code – you’ll need these later! While you’re exploring, here’s some important items to check and note down before you apply.

  1. Will you study full time or part time? At what campus? Are you considering flexible study arrangements or online study? 

    Many of our courses offer a range of study modes to suit your lifestyle. If you’re already working or have family commitments, look for part time, online or flexible study options. In some courses, it may be a requirement for you to have access to our specialist facilities and equipment, or you may need your work to be supervised by our expert lecturers, and so on-campus study may be required.

    (If you wish to arrange an employment contract and become an apprentice or trainee, please see our application information in the section ‘How to apply for Apprenticeships or Traineeships’) 

  2. Do you have the eligibility requirements for the course? 

    Many of our courses require WACE, Achievement of OLNA/NAPLAN 9 Band 8,  C grades in Year 10 Maths and English, or an equivalent Australian Qualification (AQF) to ensure you have the right skills to study. If you don’t think you have the right skills or want to check, contact us on 1800 001 001. Our Admissions team can do a check of the paperwork you have and give you the best entry eligibility advice for your study pathway.

  3. Are you choosing a qualification level that is right for you?

    Most of our courses use incremental learning to build the knowledge you need to be work ready. If you have past experience working with tools or software or have a solid understanding of the industry you wish to work in, you may be able to start in a higher level qualification. You may need to start a pre-apprenticeship to get the safety skills on tools before beginning an apprenticeship, or you may find a Certificate II or III level gives you the confidence to succeed at study, before jumping into supervisory skills or building expertise in a Certificate IV or Diploma. 

    To find out what level suits you best, call 1800 001 001 and ask to be put in contact with a lecturer in the training area, who can talk to you about your skills and advise you of the best qualification level to ensure study success.

  4. Are you applying for a popular course?

    Our popular courses are known as ‘competitive’. This means that more applications are received every semester than we have places for. 

    Our TAFE Admissions teams will rank applications received to ensure the most competitive candidates receive offers for places first. This means you will need to take time to pull together supporting materials such as your evidence of employment, volunteering or work experience, written references and previous study evidence  to ‘bolster’ your application before applications close. It’s also a good idea to have a plan B in case competition for course places is fierce – you may choose to apply for many courses along the study pathway as additional preferences to broaden your potential to be offered a place to start your study. The Semester 1 2020 competitive course list is available on the purple button below:

    To find out how to enhance your application, visit our blog article “How to make your TAFE application stand out”.

  5. Do you have prior experience that may be used as credit towards your new study?

    At South Metropolitan TAFE, we offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to students who can demonstrate they have the skills to satisfy the training package requirements. This means that we can assess your skills in your workplace or in a portfolio of evidence, then apply credit to your study plan, reducing the time and cost for your qualification. This process takes time, so it’s a good idea to begin the RPL process early and have any credits applied to your study plan before you begin. If you’re short on time, begin your self-assessment for RPL anyway, but make sure you let us know before enrolling that you plan to apply for RPL against units in the qualification.


Please note: Our aviation pilot courses (National codes AVI50215 and AVI50315) are not able to use the TAFE Admissions system for applications. They have earlier application dates and use a different application form. Applications for Semester 1, 2020 are now open and will close 1 November, 2019. 

Think you are ready to apply?

If you’re considering studying part time, you don’t need to apply! Not all courses will offer part time places, but most do! To find out more, read the ‘How to enrol and apply for part time study’ section at the end of this page.

If you’re considering studying full time, and have completed steps 1 to 5 above, use our online application tool available on the purple button below. Applications opened Monday 2 September and round 1 applications will close Friday 6 December 2019, round 2 will close Tuesday 7 January 2020. Applications received after 7 January will be considered as expressions of interest for any remaining places after our on-campus enrolment days.

Ensure that you have entered your personal details correctly as we will respond to the email address that has been provided with requests for further evidence to support your application. You will be given an opportunity to create a login and save your progress, allowing you to return right up to applications close date to upload supporting documents and to change your course and campus preferences before finalising your application.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, contact us on 1800 001 001 or email info@smtafe.wa.edu.au.


How to apply for English, Languages and Foundation Studies courses

All English, Languages and Foundation Studies are through ‘local application’ only, which means you apply directly to our staff when you attend our on-campus enrolment days. Forms are also available at any time from our Customer Service counters on campus.  

To find out more about our English, Languages and Foundation Studies enrolment days, entry requirements and for help with the best course to suit you, visit the Foundation Skills, Access and English programs form or call us on 1800 001 001 for more information.

How to apply for online, start anytime courses

We have many courses available to study 'self paced', which can be online or flexible, can start anytime and allow you to study at a pace to suit your lifestyle. 

To apply, find the course on our website and look for 'All year round' and ‘self paced’ in the 'Delivery location, important dates and study options' section. Take note of the units to be studied.

Then, click on the link where it says 'Get started'. You will be directed to an online form to start your expression of interest in studying the course. A staff member in the training will contact you to offer you an information pack and work through your skill level and eligibility for the course. Our staff will help you build a study plan that takes into account the speed at which you want to study and your study confidence level. This chat will progress into an orientation discussion to help you understand the requirements of the course, including any employment requirements and RPL or credit transfers. Finally, our staff will provide details on how to enrol and when you can start study.

How to apply for apprenticeships or traineeships

If you would like to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship with South Metropolitan TAFE, you should start with assistance from our Jobs and Skills Centres at Rockingham, Thornlie and Mandurah campuses. They can help you work out what apprenticeship is right for you, and provide advice on finding an employer and in registering you as an apprentice or trainee.

For more information visit www.jobsandskills.wa.gov.au/training/apprenticeships-and-traineeships.

How to apply for VET study while attending secondary school
If you would like to study at South Metropolitan TAFE as part of your high school studies, your parents should discuss your options with your school VET coordinator.
We accept applications for VET delivered to secondary students using a different online form to allow parent/guardian and school correspondence, and with application dates between July and September each year for the following year’s programs. Information about programs and how to apply can be found on our Still at School page.
How to apply for study from other States and Territories in Australia

Applicants residing in Australian states and territories other than Western Australia will have their enrolments referred to TAFE International WA for processing and should note that if offered a place of study, fees will be higher as they are not subsidised by the WA State Government. Prospective interstate students are encouraged to enrol at their local providers where possible.

Applied but have not received an offer?

Before you can enrol for a full time course, you must have received an offer to the email address you applied with. 

Competitive (popular) courses

If you have applied for a competitive course and your application is deemed eligible and most competitive, your offer will be released at the same time as all offers for the same course. You will need to finalise your enrolment and arrange payment by the expiry date listed on your offer letter or risk wasting your offer. Competitive round 1 offers for Semester 1, 2020 will be released early January and for round 2, offers will be released approximately mid January, 2020. If you have applied in late January for remaining places, you may be made an offer straight away or within a few days of submitting your application.

Non-competitive courses

All non-competitive courses will release offers throughout the application period to eligible students, so applying early means you will be allocated a place in a course early. Offers will continue to be released right up to term start, and when classes are full, there may be additional classes made available, subject to room availability.

Received an offer? What to do next

If you have an offer, congratulations! Your eligibility for the course has been checked and a place has been allocated to you in a course.

Check your offer correspondence as it has some key information:

  • Your enrolment location, date and time
  • The course you have been made an offer for
  • What you need to do before enrolment

Before you enrol

There are a few steps to getting ready for enrolment:

Step 1: Get a USI (Unique Student Number). Getting a USI, or retrieving your USI is easy. Visit www.usi.gov.au to start. 
Step 2: Check your indicative fee. Visit our Fees and Options page for our indicative fees list. While you’re there, check out our payment options.
Step 3: Check you don’t already have a debt with us. If you do, you will need to pay your debt before you can enrol. If you wish, you can pay both your debt and pay for your new enrolment at the same time. You cannot enter into a payment plan for an outstanding debt, it must be paid in full. Call us on 1800 001 001 or visit a customer service counter to check if you suspect you may have an outstanding debt.
Step 4: Prepare your paperwork for enrolment. Your offer letter with your TAS ID will be the best place to start, but at a minimum, you should bring with you your concession or Centrelink card, passport as evidence of your Australian residency, and if you’re under 18 years of age, your proof of age card. 
Step 5: Prepare your financial information. If you choose to pay in full, you’ll need a credit card. If you choose to pay by instalments, you’ll need your bank details. If you choose to apply for a VET Student Loan, you’ll need to prove your eligibility. If you’re under 18 years of age and wish to enter into a payment plan, you’ll need your parent or guardian to counter sign your payment plan agreement. To find out if you are eligible for a Student Loan and how to prove this, visit our Student Loans page. To find out more about our payment options, visit our Fees and Payment Options page.
Step 6: Read the enrolment terms and conditions. It’s important you understand your rights and responsibilities before you commit to study with us, including your financial obligations.  Full refunds are not available if you change your mind after enrolling. To find out about our policies and by-laws, visit our Forms, Policies and Fact Sheets page. Information on our withdrawals and refund conditions can be found on our Withdrawals and Refunds page.

After you’ve completed all 6 steps, you are ready to enrol! 

How to enrol early or by phone

We offer early enrolment to those who wish to pay in full by credit card (Visa and MasterCard). Our Enrolment Call Centre is filled with friendly staff who can help you during our enrolment days. The Enrolment Call Centre will open for Semester 1, 2020 enrolments approximately mid January, 2020. 

The Enrolment Call Centre will be able to confirm your enrolment if you are paying your fees in full by credit card, have no outstanding debt and are able to provide your USI number. 

Please note: If you can’t pay in full using your credit card, you will need to visit a campus to arrange a payment plan or pay in cash or EFTPOS to process your enrolment.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma students: For eligible students studying in eligible courses, you may apply for a VET Student Loan. To find out how you can supply your VET Student Loan paperwork without coming to campus, or to find out if the course you wish to study is eligible for a VET Student Loan, visit the Student Loans page.

How to enrol on campus

Our Semester 1, 2020 on-campus enrolment dates 

You should come to campus or enrol by phone straight away if you have an offer that you wish to take up. 

Come to campus to start a payment plan or finalise your VET Student Loan! Remember: you must have an offer before you can enrol in full time study.

Enrolment days - round 1 full time offers

Enrol at our 5 major campuses: Bentley | Mandurah | Murdoch | Rockingham | Thornlie
8am to 4.30pm

On Monday 13 to Thursday 16 January, you can enrol on campus if you have a round 1 offer and your course is:

  • For study at Bentley, Carlisle, Fremantle, Mandurah, Murdoch, Rockingham, Thornlie campuses
  • Hospitality courses must enrol at Bentley campus

On Thursday 16 January you can enrol at Armadale | Jandakot | Munster campuses if you have a round 1 offer and your course is:

  • For study at Armadale, Jandakot or Munster campuses


Enrolment days - round 2 full time offers

Enrol at these campuses: Armadale | Bentley | Carlisle | Fremantle | Jandakot | Mandurah | Munster | Murdoch | Rockingham | Thornlie
8am to 4.30pm

On Thursday 23 and Friday 24 January, you can enrol on campus if you have a round 2 offer and your course is:

  • For study at any campus


Enrolment days - part time study 

Enrol at these campuses: Armadale | Bentley | Carlisle | Fremantle | Jandakot | Mandurah | Munster | Murdoch | Rockingham | Thornlie
8am to 5pm

On Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 January, you can enrol on campus without having made an offer and your course is:

  • For study at any campus

In order to be considered as an enrolled student you must pay your fees in full or enter into a fee payment arrangement. Your enrolment will be cancelled if you do not finalise your fees as soon as possible.

What happens when your offer expires?
If you do not enrol by the deadline listed on your offer correspondence, your offer will lapse and will be offered to another student on the waitlist. It is for this reason that it is important that you keep in contact with us. Call us on 1800 001 001 if you are experiencing difficulty using our enrolment or payment options.


If your offer does lapse, you can still study with us! We will release lists of courses with places left after the first round of offers have been exhausted. In past semesters there have been dozens of fantastic courses that lead to popular study pathways. Get in touch with us on 1800 001 001 or visit our course pages during the Semester 2 late applications period for more information.

How to apply and enrol for part time study

Our Semester 1, 2020 on-campus dates will be announced approximately September 2019. You should come to campus or enrol by phone straight away if you have an offer that you wish to take up. The dates below have been kept here for indicative purposes only.

To study part time at South Metropolitan TAFE, you don’t need to apply in advance. 

Not all courses will offer part time places, but most do! It’s a good idea to take a look at the units in the course page and to reach out to us on 1800 001 001 to check what units are planned for part time in Semester 1, 2020.

The Semester 2, 2019 dates below have been kept here for indicative purposes only.

Part time on ANY campus enrolments for Semester 2, 2019 - 4 July, 8am to 6pm; 5 July 8am to 4pm

You can register your attendance at our part time enrolment day to get a handy SMS reminder the day before. If your course is full, we’ll let you know by text message the day prior, or we’ll send you a text message to remind you to come in to campus. (Courses may fill with full time students prior to the part time enrolment days) 

Your rights and responsibilities as a student

Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities before you commit to study with us. To find out about our policies and by-laws, visit our Forms, Policies and Fact Sheets page.

Privacy Notice & Student Declaration

Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, South Metropolitan TAFE is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on your enrolment form and your training activity data) may be used or disclosed by South Metropolitan TAFE for statistical, regulatory and research purposes. South Metropolitan TAFE may disclose your personal information for these purposes to third parties, including:

  • school – if you are a secondary student undertaking VET, including a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship;
  • employer – if you are enrolled in training paid by your employer;
  • Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies;
  • NCVER;
  • organisations conducting student surveys; and 
  • researchers.

Personal information disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • Issuing statements of attainment or qualification, and populating authenticated VET transcripts;
  • facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys;
  • understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer
  • information; and
  • administering VET, including programme administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation.

You may receive an NCVER student survey which may be administered by an NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor. You may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted.

NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER’s website at www.ncver.edu.au).

If you do not consent to this, please contact the Admissions office at admissions@smtafe.wa.edu.au at your earliest convenience to proceed with a course withdrawal.

Page last updated September 10, 2019