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Flight Centre Travel Group

In 2017, the hospitality and tourism portfolio at SM TAFE established a partnership with Flight Centre to deliver their national traineeship program across all stores in Western Australia. This traineeship program offers new entrants into the travel industry a supported career path as they progress in the tourism industry.

“Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) has been enrolling consultants into traineeships across the travel and business packages for almost ten years. FCTG delivers national pathways to all new and existing consultants in the business. The team at SM TAFE have been an integral part of our business since 2017, enrolling our WA students across the various qualifications. SM TAFE are a trusted partner who have built a strong rapport not only with our consultants in-store but our senior management team. We love working with SM TAFE and value the guidance and support they continue to provide for us to deliver quality programs in the VET sector.”

Marie Micucci, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Flight Centre Travel Group.