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Recruiting graduates

We're pleased you're interested in SM TAFE graduates and/or current students for potential employment in your organisation.

What opportunities can we offer employers? 

We aim to have our graduates job-ready so that they can be the right fit for your business. SM TAFE students learn in a hands-on environment, ensuring that they are safety trained and have industry ready-skills that prepare them for entering the workforce. We can help you to find enthusiastic students and recent graduates that are looking to complete either a work placement, work experience, graduate program, collaboration project or volunteer opportunities through an employer of their chosen field. Many of our graduates complete their studies at two points of the year, which will be either in June or in November. 

Work placement

Students that undertake a work placement are still currently completing their study at SM TAFE. These students have a work placement unit requirement to complete before they are eligible to graduate. This means that these students undertaking a work placement are insured by SM TAFE for the duration of the placement. 

Work experience

Students that undertake work experience can be either current students that are still completing their studies, as well as recent SM TAFE graduates. These students completing a work experience placement are not insured by SM TAFE at anytime during their work experience placement. 

Graduate program

Does your organisation offer a graduate or apprenticeship program for students and recent graduates? We can put you in contact with the relevant industry training area that can help find you eligible students for your graduate program. 

Collaboration project

Current students and recent graduates can be involved in a project collaboration where they provide specific skill requirements for that particular project. 

Please use the form below to start a discussion with an industry training area. 

Preferred contact
Please use this field to provide further information about the opportunity and how this applies to the skills you need, such as number of graduates needed; someone who has graduated and completed, or someone who is yet to complete but looking toward a graduation soon; someone who can work independently, remotely or need to commit to special dates and locations; if they need their own equipment, working with children check or police clearance, or need their own ABN, etc