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Community Services, Aged Care and Disability Enterprise Training Program (ETP)

Employers can now upskill their community services, aged care, and disability workforce

Due to skills shortages in the critical social and allied health sector, a new program offers funding and support for employers seeking upskilling for their community services, disability, and aged care workforce.

South Metropolitan TAFE, a recognised leader in healthcare training, is partnering with enterprises and consortiums, specifically those in the social and allied health sector, to apply for ETP funding to train existing full-time, part-time and casual workers to fill current skills gaps and future workforce requirements through certificate qualifications, traineeships and skill sets.

Training under the ETP includes full qualifications, existing worker traineeships, and skill sets from the CHC Community Services training package and HLT Health training package. 

Accredited courses/skill sets targeting the social assistance and allied health sectors are also included in the ETP. 

There is no current limit on the number of employees that can be trained under the program, which can take place on campus or at the employers’ premises.

Training is available for employees of enterprises that specialise in providing services to people including with disabilities and aged care where the employee: 

  • provides direct care for clients
  • supervises employees providing direct care for clients. 

Training is not available for employees in senior management or administration/corporate support roles.

To apply for the ETP, employers must partner with a registered training organisation (RTO) that is contracted by the Department, such as South Metropolitan TAFE. 

SM TAFE will work with employers to determine their specific training needs, and this information will be used to complete an application form which we will lodge with the Department. 

Enterprises can only make one application at a time. An application for further funding may be made once the first training program is completed. Applications from a group of enterprises operating as a consortium in partnership with an RTO are acceptable. Where an enterprise has one or more related entities, the related entities may partner with more than one RTO, if a single RTO is unable to service the training requirements for all related entities.

The WA State Government pays for most of the costs of the training delivered under the ETP. Participating enterprises will, however, be required to make a contribution in recognition of the benefits that will flow to the enterprise by upskilling their workforce. 

The contribution from enterprises must be cash – not “in-kind” – and is paid to the partnering RTO. The funding from the Government is also paid directly to the RTO on evidence that the training has commenced and has been completed.

Funding will be limited to a maximum of $200,000 per enterprise (per application), or $300,000 for a consortium or related entities. A proportion of the funding will be quarantined to encourage participation by regional enterprises. The Department may fund all or part of a submission at its complete discretion.

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